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Mike Tyson





HotBoxing’ With Mike Tyson, is a Podcast hosted by cannabis mogul and former heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson. It has been in production since early 2019, and features host Mike Tyson who is  a newly found cannabis entrepreneur, activist and mogul. He is also a heavy cannabis user and the show is filtered through this culture and lifestyle. 

The podcast is a smoke filled discussion often captivating listeners, with Tyson interviewing actors, politicians, comedians, fighters/martial arts practitioners,  pro athletes, musicians, rappers, and other high profile names and celebrities. There are now over 150 episodes, and notable guests over the past couple of years have included Cheech and Chong, Robert Kennedy JrDavid Arquetee, The Game, Jimmy Kimmel, Eminem, Chanel West Coast, Roseanne Barr, Steve-O, Snoop Dogg,  B-Real, Danny Trejo and many more.

Fans and listeners,  are fans of Tyson’s work as a professional boxer, but also a new generation of cannabis users, including medicinal and recreational. Tyson has a new audience of cannabis aficionados, entrepreneurs, business leaders, connoisseurs, cultivators, activists and more, with his emergence into the cannabis industry.  The cannabis vibe and mellow but thought provoking podcast showcases Tysons candid interviewing skills and his passion for the cannabis plant, and all who use it for recreation or for medical purposes.

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