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Napalm  Brands  is a Los Angeles based cannabis  brand and company founded in 2020, during the  Covid-19 Pandemic. That focuses on specialty, high quality products.  The company is committed to innovation, quality, and  maintaining a high standard of excellence in every phase of development of its cannabis products, from flowers, to edibles to concentrates and even pre rolls.  It was founded by rapper, actor and cannabis connoisseur, Xzibit.

Napalm is known for  a pre roll called The Grenade. It is made with a quarter ounce(7 grams) of premium indoor flower, and includes  1 gram of top shelf live resin. Each joint also includes a glass tip for smoother hits. Napalm also offers joints known as Rockets, which come in collectible cases. Each pre roll is made with top shelf cannabis strains, and contains 0.6 grams of flower, and 0.1 grams of live resin diamonds. Each case contains a total of 3.5 grams. 

Other items such as vape cartridges and pens with THC Oil, and in house  made edibles made by Napalm are also available. The vape carts are filled with 100 % live resin, a concentrate made using no distillents, solvents or chemicals, extracted from fresh frozen whole plant cannabis.  Also, Flower Bombs are available, which encases a 3.5 gram portion of the highest quality indoor grown cannabis flowers, and a rolling paper carton with 33 leaves of 1 and ¼ inch wide  premium rolling papers.Napalm cannabis products can be found in legal stores throughout the California cannabis market, and is planning to expand into other legal states. Napalm also offers a wide selection of merchandise and gear, including  mens shirts, hoodies, women tops, baseball caps and even cloth  face masks.

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