N.W.A.(Niggaz Wit Attitude) is the legendary seminal  gangster rap group, from Compton California, and are often considered to be  progenitors of gangster rap music which began the late 1980s. N.W.A. consisted of Eazy-E (Eric Wright),  Dr. Dre (Andre Young), Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson), MC Ren (Lorenso Patterson), and DJ Yella (Antoine Carraby).  They are known in the cannabis industry as avid smokers, and even dealers and underground  growers, not just of cannabis, but other illicit drugs on the black market. This was the time when cannabis was still fully illegal. The music represented the harsh, dark and often deadly lifestyle of gang banging in Los Angeles, and smoking marijuana was a huge influence on the group in so many ways.Dr. Dre is known in the cannabis world as a huge proponent of cannabis. He is an avid smoker, and along with Snoop Dogg, he is credited as introducing the world to a very high THC, potent and pungent  form of cannabis in the 90s, which got nicknamed  The Chronic. This is also the title of Dr. Dre’s 1992 hit album, which ushered in the cannabis culture and merged it with hip hop music and gangster rap. According to  world famous rapper Snoop Dogg,  after getting super high after smoking  cannabis that was grown ‘hydroponic,’ the word morphed into ‘hydrochronic,’ then shortened to ‘Chronic.’ From then on ‘Chronic’ became the nomenclature among pot smokers, and cannabis connoisseurs during this time for potent, pungent cannabis. There is a movie from 2015, based on the story of N.W.A, called Straight Outta Compton.

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