At the dispensary, joints are called prerolls, which stands for “pre-rolled joint.” Prerolls usually contain around 1g of weed wrapped in a natural or bleached rolling paper with a paper filter. You can purchase prerolls that are .5g or even .25g, sometimes called dog-walkers. Smaller prerolls usually are sold in packs of around 5.

Larger, king-sized prerolls contain 1.5g, 2g, or 2.5g of weed.

Infused prerolls contain weed as well as concentrate, making the THC much higher than weed alone.

Prerolled blunts are a type of preroll that is similar to a cannabis cigar. Preroll blunts are wrapped in hemp paper and usually use a reusable glass filter. They contain 1.5g up to 3g of weed. They often are sold as infused blunts, in which concentrated resin is added to increase the strength.

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