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Product of Los Angeles(POLA) is the first Mexican cannabis company that sells two types of cannabis edibles: the Augua De Flor, a cannabis infused Mexican fruit drink, and La Familia, Mexican Infused chocolates.  POLA takes pride in the traditions and recipes of MExican culture and infuses them into the cannabis culinary scene with its unique twist. For the cannabis infused beverages, Auga De Flor, there are six flavors, and each serving contains 100 mg of THC. The drink comes in Pineapple, Cucumber Lemonade, Watermelon, Strawberry, Horchata,  and Mango.The drinks come in cans and are 16 ounces each.  The drinks are best served ice cold, and can be mixed to be diluted with juice or other beverages. THough they are canned they can safely be stored at room temperature.

The La Familia brand of cannabis infused chocolates has different flavors based on traditional Mexican recipes. Each bar is 2.4 ounces, and contains 100 mg of THC portioned into 10 mg squares. The chocolates come in flavors like Horchata, Strawberries and Cream, Mint, the two specialties, Marzipan, based on the sugary, creamy Mexican candy,  Mexican Hot Chocolate made with sugar and various spices, and Cajeta, a thick, sweet caramel made of goat’s milk.Currently, POLA’s cannabis infused chocolates and beverages are available at various retail locations and delivery services throughout California.  The LA based company does not yet have its own retail location. POLA is  a family run business that fuses its passioni for the traditional Mexican recipes and ingredients into its line of cannabis  infused drinks and chocolate bars.

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