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Sen Dog  is a rapper and founding member of the rap group Cypress Hill. He was born   in 1971 and is of Cuban descent, but moved with his family to South Gate, California at a young age.  His real name is  Senen Reyes, and his older brother is hip hop artist Mellow Man Ace, who was an early member of Cypress Hill before his solo career. As a member of Cypress  hill and one of the band’s founders, he helped to usher in West Coast hip hop that was focused on cannabis, and sung in Spanish, which was a huge milestone for both Latinos in  hip hop music, and the cannabis movement.  Sen Dog was also involved with the gang life as a teenager, but after the 1988 shooting of his friend, B-Real, the two decided to skip the thug life and focus on the music. 

Sen Dog has always been outspoken about using cannabis, just like the other members of Cypress Hill. He has always supported legalization for medical and recreational use, and along with B-Real- they are considered the new generation’s version of stoner icons Cheech and Chong, or even Bob Marley.

Much like his  musical career with Cypress Hill, Sen Dog’s solo music was also cannabis centric but was a crossover for both hard rock, metal and hip hop fans alike, proving that cannabis can defy genres  and appeal to fans of all types of music . Sen Dog’s solo album from 2008 was called Diary of a Mad Dog  but he also  created music with rap /metal groups SX-10, and Powerflo.  As a musician and rapper, Sen Dog has also released two mixtapes and collaborated with such diverse artists as The Kottonmouth Kings, Everlast,  P.O.D., Die Antwood,  Biohazard, Transplants, Phunk Junkies and many more.  Throughout his career, he has always promoted cannabis but is iconic in the cannabis culture and community for his lyrics and songs with Cypress Hill. 

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