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Sequette Clark





Sequette Clark is the  founder and owner of  the Sacramento based Justice Tree,   a cannabis company, which is directly related to the non profit  I AM SAC Foundation. and the founder of I Am SAC.  Clark’s tragic story began when her son Stephon Clark, a 22 year old Black man was shot and killed by officers from  Sacramento Police Department on March 18, 2018. He was  standing in his grandmother’s backyard, and unarmed,  holding only  a cell phone. The shooted death prompted angry protests and pleas from the Clark family and the community for justice, and to end police killings. 

Unfortunately,  no justice was served in the case of Stephon Clark. Not only were officers not charged with any wrongdoing or crimes in the case, they were actually placed on paid administrative leave while under investigation. Eventually they were cleared and allowed to return to active  duty.   However, the  Clark family pursued a wrongful death civil suit  against the Sacramento Police Department, with attorney Benjamin Crump  for $20 million dollars. A settlement was reached with the family, including Clark’s two songs, receiving $2.4 million in damages. 

Using cannabis as a way to turn tragedy, anger, grief and injustice into a positive thing, Justice Tree uses all the proceeds of its cannabis to fund  the I AM SAC Foundation. The company only offers two strains of cannabis flowers, Ice Cream Cake, and Cherry Gelato. The Justice Tree brand of cannabis flowers can be purchased at the following dispensaries in California:  the Gorilla Wellness Center in Los Angeles,  Zipp Delivery Service, serving the entire SF Bay area, Cookies on Melrose in Los Angeles, Cookies in SAcramento, and  The Jetroom, in Adelanto. 

According to the Justice Tree Website, “As you may know, my family has mobilized to bring justice for my son and other families impacted by police violence.  We have founded the I Am SAC Foundation; rallied to have the Stephon Clark Law implemented in California; and operate the Stephon Clark Library and Justice Museum.The police injustices and the War on Drugs have had a devastating impact on our communities.  We bridge the gap between social justice and social equity by allocating resources to establish dialogue between law enforcement and at-risk communities to inform and drive legislative and policy change.”-Sequette Clark.

Directly funded by Justice Tree is the I AM SAC Foundation. Founded after the death of her son Stephon Clark in a shooting at the hands of the Sacramento Police, Sequette Clark had to do something. She turned to cannabis and the foundation. It was fueled by the anger and sentiment of injustice over the shooting. The I AM SAC Foundation’s website states, “the ultimate goal is to establish ‘Stephon’s House,’  a resource center dedicated to the life and ongoing legacy of Stephon Clark. We empower Sacramento’s underrepresented, underserved, under developed, at risk communities, by providing resources, education and a network.

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