Sherbinskis is the world famous cannabis cultivation line and brand , run by Mr. Sherbinski (aka Mario Guzman). From his roots in the medical marijuana movement, Mr. Sherbinski’s passion for horticulture and  the cannabis plant led him to develop the world famous strain known as Gelato, which is still a very popular strain among cannabis users everywhere. It has been bred with so many others, and its genetics have been cross bred so many times, but Mr. Sherbinski is also known for the classic Gelato subsidiary strain, Sunset Sherbert, both highly sought after by connoisseurs and cultivators. Along with Sunset Sherbert, Sherbinskis also is known for its exclusive line of genetic strains, including Pink Panties, Bacio Gelato 41,  Gello Gelato 43,  Mochi Gelato 47, and Acai Berry Gelato 49.

Sherbinksis line of merchandise and  online retail store,  is based in Los Angeles. Cannabis products by Sherbinksi include custom made edibles, flower, and live resin/Vape oil. They are available at various  cannabis retail locations and delivery services throughout California, from San Francisco to San Diego Sherbinksi’s is also rooted in the science and advancements of cannabis horticulture. The website offers a section called Research, where articles and blog posts about the science behind all aspects of cannabis are posted. The focus is on knowledge and education, and using news stories, blog posts and other informational sources to create a database online of cannabis information. The goal is to destigmatize cannabis and lead to a more fair and meaningful study of the cannabis plant and all it has to offer.

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