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System of a Down is the  Los Angeles, California based,  platinum selling grammy nominated metal band. All of the band members are of Aremnian decent, and prominent  activists in support of recognizing the Armenian Genocide of 1919, and are open, known users and proponents of cannabis and legalization. 

The  grammy nominated band includes includes vocalist Serj Ankian, bassist Shavarsh “Shavo” Odadjian, and drummer John Dolymian, and has released five full length albums, including 2005’s Hypnotize and Mesmerize, Steal This Album, from 2002, Toxicity from 2001 and the  self titled debut album(1998). The band’s music is socio-political and personal but songs like ‘Prison Song’ rally against the injustices of the drug war and the effects of drug abuse with songs like ‘Psycho.’

The band’s political stance has been  for political recognition of the Armenian Genoicde  of 1919, which affected their grandparents and older relatives. They have thrown shows as a Benefit for this cause over the years, and are activists in support of their homeland, Armenia, even playin there for a historic concert in 2015. 

Between 2006 and around 2010, the band was on hiatus. Since then, the band tours yearly and often performs at music festivals and does the occasional one off shows. System of a Down’s most recent concert was a pair of huge shows  in February, in Los Angeles with Korn, which were rescheduled from the Covid -19 Pandemic. Cannabis connoisseurs, cultivators and users know System of a Down bass player, for his cannabis company, 22 Red, a brand which fuses the cannabis industry with music, art and culture. The company is based in Los Angeles, but its cannabis products are available in legal cannabis dispensaries in California, Nevada and Arizona.

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