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Tucky Blunt





Alphonso ‘Tucky’   Blunt is a leader in cannabis advocacy,  education and social equity.  As a young African American growing up in the Oakland, California area, he maintained good grades in school, while also using and selling cannabis in the late 90s. In the early 2000s, he began as a vendor for various cannabis dispensaries, but was arrested in 2003 for possession of  and intent to sell cannabis. He was given 10 years probation and charged with a felony.

In 2008, Blunt graduated from Oaksterdam University. Since then, he has utilized his skills from his degree to specialize in the business and horticulture of cannabis, over the past decade. In 2018 he became part of the Oakland Social Equity Program, and is the proud owner of Blunts and Moore, a legal cannabis retail location in Oakland.

After his problems with the law, he ran his own auto detailing business and was a good citizen and member of the community. In 2017, he discovered through a friend he was eligible for Oakland’s social equity program, and thus he began a quest to enter the cannabis business, this time in the legal marketplace.  His business skills and knowledge of the cannabis plant has made him an accomplished leader and advocate for African Americans in the cannabis industry and fights against racism, and for social equity among minorities. He has gained attention from the press, and got coverage and notoriety for his role as a cannabis entrepreneur., He was even  featured in Forbes, among other media outlets.

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