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Los Angeles cannabis cultivator Edgar Peña aka Masonic with Masonic Seeds is best known for his Wilson strain, which has found its way into numerous strains in the industry. This past Saturday, his shop Masonic’s on Fairfax was the place to get his new drop, a side project called the “No Wilson” Line.

On Saturday, April 16th LA weed seed cultivator Masonic (Masonic’s on Fairfax) held a “Free Seed Day,” the second of a regular giveaway that people travel from all over to attend. Masonic’s Free Seed Day first began last September. The valuable giveaway is a chance for small growers to get a large quantity of top-quality genetics by Masonic and others growers in the community. Masonic has a cult following of loyal growers who look to him for advice, knowledge, and affordable, fire genetics.

It was a community event on Saturday at weed dispensary Erb & Arbor, where indie powerhouse brand Doja Exclusive released clones of their famed RS-11 strain. The drop was a collaboration between a family of elite California weed cultivators: Wizard Treez, Doja Exclusive, Deep East, and Seed Junky Genetics. Reps for each brand were in attendance for the event.