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California Breeders Offer Elite Genetics for Sale to the Public

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The weed community will now have the opportunity to buy some of the most choice seeds in the industry as this week several brands have newly launched genetics for sale.

This Friday marks the opening of Cookies Seed Bank, which includes some of the best breeders in California. At its launch, seeds from Cookies, Lemonnade, Gashouse, and Cipher Genetics were available. Coming soon on the site is Minntz, Powerzzzup, Terphogz, and Greenhouse Seed Co.

Separately, indie brand Wizard Trees is dropping seeds of two official Runtz crosses crossed with the RS11 that Wizard Trees is known for. White Rainbows (White Runtz x RS11) and Rainbow Runtz (Runtz x RS11) are on sale as of today.

Sherbinskis (Mario Guzman), best known for Gelato and Sunset Sherbert, has just teamed up with Silent Seeds in the EU to sell feminized seeds of his own strains Polar Gelato, Pink SUnset, and Acai Jelly.

Separately, Sherbinskis teamed up with Farming Stoned in Northern California, who is dropping Sunset Sherbert x Secret Project at the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball in a few weeks from now.

Farming Stoned has a large menu of seeds for Emerald Cup, including seeds for Kamikaze, a hot strain by John Doe Supply Co.

For top genetics at a more affordable price, the Masonic Seed Company in Compton offers top California genetics as well.

Photo features Masonic’s Banana God Z3 Wilson taken by Ulises Flores @007_spacehoe.

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