Doja Exclusive Permanent Marker Seed Drop Pheno Hunt Begins

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On September 30, Doja Exclusive dropped seeds for two unique strains that they hope growers will use to pheno hunt the next big thing.

The seeds available were for Alien Mints x Permanent Marker and Permanent Marker BX1.

The Permanent Marker strain came out earlier this year and has been a hit.

According to Doja Ek, this was an anticipated drop.

“We when teamed up with Seed Junky and released Permanent Marker people gravitated towards it right away. They loved it based off of Big Doja’s taste pallet that he has for cannabis,” Ek said.

“A lot cultivators and a lot of breeders have been anticipating some kind of seed drop specifically for Permanent Marker,” Ek said. “It’s been in demand.”

According to Doja Pak, this genetic drop represents the significance of partnering with one of the best in the game, Seed Junky, founded by breeder JBeezy.

“Me and JBeezy hooked up this year we started working together we selected this Permanent Marker strain as a collaborative effort to put out,” Doja Pak said. “This is the first genetic release of that strain.”

According to Doja Pak, the seeds came from JBeezy.

“He reversed it to the Cap Junky cut which is a legendary collaboration between him and Capulator. And then he also did a BX1 with the outcross being a Purple Push Pop crossed to Wedding Cake F3,” Doja Pak said.

The drop is significant, Doja Pak said, because “it’s giving back to the community a strain that we were a part of, we helped bring to market.”

He said that the drop is an invitation to the community to pheno hunt the unique strain.

“People have the opportunity of grabbing these seeds and finding their own phenotype,” Doja Pak said.

“A lot of people say they’re going to run them back to me and once they do that we’ll put them in production and roll them out,” Doja Pak said.

“I hope to see phenotypes come back to us that we can work with and give selection credit to the guys that found it. Credit to the guy that bred it, JBeezy, and put it out,” he said.

Doja Ek said that his goal with the genetics drop is to see people hunt something great and for them to potentially impact the industry.

“What we really look for is for everybody to leave with a winner,” Ek said.

“For everybody who does get something that’s very unique, different than what Permanent Marker or other genetics are, to be able to hit us back up, be able to get a contract or just be able to just bring something new to the table or to the industry,” Ek said.

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