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Farming Stoned Drops Sherbinskis, John Doe Seed Collabs for Emerald Cup

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In about a week, Nor Cal breeder and weed cultivator Farming Stoned Genetics will drop a set of seeds titled “Curated With Intention,” which includes collaboration strains with Sherbinskis and John Doe Supply Co., among others.

In December comes the iconic Ego Clash event followed by Emerald Cup, both in Northern California. Both events allow insider weed cultivators to access the many exclusive seed and product drops. The events usually feature the best of California’s legacy growers. This will be the third year that Farming Stoned drops seeds at Emerald Cup.

This year, Farming Stoned says, is particularly special to him. Earlier this year his beloved dog Mad Max, the de-facto mascot of the brand, passed away. This seed drop is in dedication to Mad Max (pictured), and includes a special collab with Mario Guzman of Sherbinskis that came about because of Mad Max.

“The project is super special to me, different then any of my previous projects,” Farming Stoned said.

The Sherbinskis collab started about four months ago over Instagram.

“I had brother & sister pit bulls, Mad Max & Doja, and Mad Max passed away this year unexpectedly at only 4 1/2 years old, and it broke my heart.”

“Through my followers tagging Sherbinski about some of his gear I used in a cross I was really hyped on, he reached out to me and asked what all the hype was about. I explained to him the new cross I made and we started normal conversation. Got talking about my dog and how shits been hard and he then blessed me with a few different seeds,” Farming Stoned said.

“Sherbinski is an idol to me and a true living legend pioneer in this industry. I immediately popped the seeds along side the seeds I was already popping for my next breeding project,” he said.

“One of his male Sunset Sherbert x Secret Project really stood out to me and how could you not breed with Sherbinski’s gear?”

With Guzman’s blessing, Farming Stoned created female and male seeds of the Sherbinski pheno.

This seed drop includes a number of other unique genetics that Farming Stoned is excited about.

“This project has a lot of potential game changers. Especially With Sherbinski’s male and Kamikaze (Zkittlez cut from John Doe). Those we are keeping to hunt in house because we know we are going to find something special,” Farming Stoned said.

The drop includes a number of collaborations.

“A lot of other people I look up to are apart of this project also: Growlowkey, Seed Junky/Powerzzzup, Ogwiththefire/Pheno Addicts, and of course Archives’ Rainbow Belts 3.0.”

Farming Stoned is as excited to hunt through the seeds himself as he his to offer them up to the community.

“The offspring from the Kamikaze crosses are gonna be insane. We are hunting them to find keepers to release under John Doe. Kamikaze is their Zkittlez cut,” Farming Stoned said.

“Also a lot of Growlowkey genetics in the project. His gear is hard to get ahold of. He’s local to where I’m at and I was lucky enough to have him hunt some of my last project, so he gifted me with seeds,” he said.

For Farming Stoned, the seed drop is meaningful for many reasons, not the least because it’s dedicated to Mad Max.

“He was a big part of my life. He’s smiling down on me daily. I still have his sister, so I always feel his presence.”

The full menu for the drop is below.

Ego clash will be held on September 9th in Mendocino County followed by Emerald Cup on December 10th and 11th in Santa Rosa, CA.

2022 Emerald Cup Seed Drop “Curated with Intention”

Male (Used)
Sunset Sherbert x Secret Project (with Sherbinskis)
PBTRIX 10 x 41 Sherb BX

Kamikaze (with John Doe Supply Co.),
Rainbow Belts 3.0
Pink Panties x Runtz (R)
PBTRIX 10 x 41 Sherb Bx
Dosido x Face on Fire x GB6TRIX
Gary Payton x Jealousy
Trix Breath x GB6TRIX
Sunset Sherbert x Secret Project (Sherbinskis)

Seeds by Farming Stoned – PBTrix 10 x 41 Sherb bx x Sunset Sherbert x Secret Project
Flyer for “Curated with Intention”

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