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Fidel’s and Anwar Carrots Limited Edition Box Collab Drops

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Popular LA street brand Fidel’s just recently emerged on the recreational market with top-shelf, award-winning flower and his famous hash holes. Fidel’s has been known to collaborate with artists and to create its own fashion line, making his weed brand a luxury lifestyle brand representing SoCal cannabis culture. His latest collaboration with Anwar Carrots recently dropped in LA in a limited edition box with a very unique, collectible hash hole container.

East Coaster Anwar Carrots formed his brand Peas & Carrots, which the company calls a “streetwear brand and creative collective” in 2007. In 2015, he launched his LA-based fashion line Carrots by Anwar Carrots featuring an iconic orange carrot logo, with clothing and accessories in his brand-specific bright orange.

Fidel said he approached Anwar a few years ago after knowing of his work for a while. They met through a mutual friend. Fidel gave him a box of sample strains that he was previewing at the time. It was the first time that Fidel’s did a box set.

“I got the pleasure to meet Anwar three years ago when I did a pheno drop box that I gifted him,” Fidel said. “From that moment our friendship and our ideas to collaborate grew,” Fidel said.

Anwar loved the flower.

We had a lot of smoke seshes, me and Anwar, Josh, Dabber Dan, and we were thinking of ways to bring something to life together as far as a collaboration.

“We had a vision of doing a Hash hole collaboration but using the carrot figurine as the vessel to hold the hash hole,” Fidel said. That idea was the start of an entire collection that includes everything from clothes to weed to jibbitz for your crocs.

“It took a while but it’s perfection. I’m happy with the end result,” Fidel said. “I’m happy to see it. I’m humbled. I’m proud.”

Fidel says it was the combination of Anwar’s street fashion community and his own cannabis community that brought together two worlds.

I really admire Anwar and how he treats his business how he is as a person his character as a family man everything he does i look up to it to be able to work with him. He said the bar for me but let me and Dabber Dan the creative control of this project,” Fidel said.

Centered on the hash hole, the box features a ton of collectible, limited-edition goods (and weed) for a fair price. Only 500 boxes were made and released January 21st at an event in Downtown LA at The Bakerie. Once they sell out, no more will be made.

The project, Fidel says, was in development for two years leading up to the launch. Every element of the box was a custom job.

“Every part of this project was done in house from the cultivation of the flower, the manufacturing of the hash, manufacturing of the clothing, and printing the 3D carrot figures,” Fidel said.

The Carrot vessel for the hash hole is the standout item from the box. A sturdy rectangle box opens on either side to reveal the carrot standing straight up its center. They have successfully taken Anwar Carrots’s famous carrot icon and turned it into a 3D object in bright orange with a green leafy top. Opening the top reveals a column inside which contains a tube holding one of Fidel’s famous hash hole joints.

According to Fidel’s, the box in total contains the following:

  • Commemorative 3D printed carrot with custom Hash Hole box that allows tops of carrot to stick out as if it was planted in the ground. Hash Hole flower and rosin pairing were selected by Fidel and Anwar. They came up with the pairing of 2.8 grams of Zion flower with a very tasty full gram of Rainbow Beltz rosin.
  • 14 grams of Zion cannabis flower. This flower was cultivated in house by Fidels in his state of the art facility in Adelanto, CA. This batch for this collaboration has to be one of the best to date as Fidel says he wasn’t holding back anything for this drop.
  • Hoodie and sweatpants cut and sewn in Los Angeles. Fabric was chosen by Fidel which was then spun specifically for this drop. The fabric is a 50/50 blend of bamboo and cotton, which makes this sweatsuit very soft and comfortable. The logo on front chest and left leg were screen printed in Los Angeles. The carrots logo is sewn into the left sleeve and behind the left leg.
  • T-shirt made in Los Angeles with the carrots logo with the Fidel’s hash hole center as the “o.”
  • Custom Fidels x Carrots Buff Headwear
  • Custom Fidels x Carrots bic lighter
  • 4 Custom Fidels x Carrots jibbitz for Crocs

The box is for sale at until it runs out.

Contents of the limited edition box by Fidel’s x Anwar Carrots.
Carrot vessel for the hash hole.

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