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Hot Strains for your Brain: Halloweed 2021

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Brands always come and go in the regulated industry but we’re starting to see some interesting brands from the underground scene starting to make their products more available.

Here’s a list of brands and strains that are currently on our radar as we come up on Halloween.

Along with opening a new dispensary in Long Beach, the Backpack Boyz dropped a new strain, Algorythm, which is a collaboration with Snoop Dogg.

Backpack Boyz also dropped Zuper Bubblegum and Zazitoz. Have you tried their recent collaborations? LA Street Heat with Big Al’s Exotics and Rainbow Dulce and Whipped Creme Dulce with Cartel Money.

Doja Exclusive dropped Bixcotti x GG x Oreoz and Bixcotti x Helium.

Famouski released a fresh batch of Freddy Krueger in time for the celebration of Dr. Greenthumb’s DTLA second anniversary.

Big Al’s Exotics recently dropped new flavors: LA Street Heat, Rainbow Crushers (Gushers 5.0) and Blue Crushers (Gushers 4.0).

The Sprinklez brand just dropped several new strains like Cosmic, Oreo, Tropical, and Vanilla Sprinklez. For Halloween they have Monster Sprinklez and Spooky Sprinklez.

Check out the new new: the strain Bobbi Hyll by Fresca x Lyfted Farms has a limited drop.

Check out Zackwoods latest strain Sappwoods, which is a collaboration with Warren Sapp, formerly of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Herb Connoisseurs have their Cannoli and Tiger’s Milk still available.

GKUA Ultra Premium just put out a fresh batch of G.O.A.T., Big Purp, Melo, Slime, and Wake N Bake. Weezy also dropped GKUA VIP and Mac Attack.

22Red dropped fresh LA Punk, 22 OG, White Sabbath and Papaya Pop.

Check out the new strain by 24HRS called 24 Hours OG.

4Hunnid Flower has YG OG, Bool-Aid, and Waffles, plus Bompton Cherries or try their collaboration with Backpack Boyz, Bompton Berries.

Check out Cartel Money Cannabis with their Dulce & Gabana and Jelly Dulce strains.

Fidels hand-rolled Hash Holes are now available at Cookies through a collab that uses the Cookies strain Cheetah Piss.

Speaking of Cookies, they just dropped Day-Day, a strain in collaboration with actor Mike Epps, whose portrayal of Day-Day in the movie Friday is epic.

Dr. Blanko has out their first and only strain, Dr. Blanko OG.

Golden State Banana has their Dolce and Banana strain while it lasts. Synergy also has Banana Sundae and Guava Malasada plus Papayahuasca, Peanut Butter Mochi, Miami Fresh and Stimmy.

Jokes Up has their Banditz, Khronix, Martian Candy, Pwincess Cut and Real 1 strains if you are tapped in. And if you haven’t tried Coochie Runtz, then at least you’ve seen that bag.

Check out Iverson ’96 by Viola and Reign by Ball Family Farms.

Oakfruitland recently launched Oak-lato.

Ted’s Budz just released Secret Breakfast, Creme Glacee and Jet Fuel Gelato.

Weed Woodz dropped some infused prerolls that are clocking in at $80.00 for 2.5g. Check out Diamond Lane, Potroleum, and Triple OG.

Cloutking drops a fresh batch of Terdz next week, which is supposed to be fire.

Too Raww‘s Purple Bikini also deserves a mention.

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