Litty in the City

Litty in the City Comes to Downtown LA

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This past Saturday, May 20, “Litty in the City” took place for the first time in LA.

The sesh has grown since it first began in San Fransisco earlier this year. Litty in the City was started by SF Canna’s Cannabis Chris, eventually partnering with Terphogz (the Original Z) to create a large sesh-style event that allows brands and growers to showcase the latest weed on the scene.

Bringing the event to Los Angeles meant scaling it up. Held at the Vortex in DTLA, this weekend’s Litty in the City featured around 60 vendors and hundreds of attendees filled the space to capacity throughout the late afternoon and evening.

Top California brands and notable indie underground brands alike mingled and demonstrated their wares. Vendors included the Backpack Boyz, Doja Exclusive, SF Canna and Terphogz, Ted’s Budz, Deep East, Wizard Trees, Big Al’s Exotics, Holy Water, Gotti, Viola, BTY, Zatix, West Coast Genetics, Lemon Tree, LA Traffic, King Sourwavez Genetics, and many more.

Plenty of people rolled through including Beard Bros, Cozmo, TenCo, Don Merfos, and others.

Several brands used the event to debut new strains and products. Notable drops were the Backpack Boyz/5Points x Fiya Farmer x The Finest Farms strain Smokerz Club and the split bag by SF Canna and Terphogz/The Original Z, which pits Cherry Guava against Zkittlez (The Original Z) in a matchoff that smokers can vote on using the qrc code found on the bag.

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