Loss of Zourz founder Cookie Boy B

The California cannabis community mourns the loss of Zourz founder Cookie Boy B.

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According to the Runtz official Instagram account, Runtz crew member Cookie Boy B passed on Wednesday, June 17, 2020. Cookie Boy B was the founder of the favorite Zourz brand/strain, which is part of the SF Bay area’s Runtz/Joke’s Up crew.

The Runtz Instagram post announcement was location-tagged in Baltimore, Maryland, where Cookie Boy B lived and where he was unfortunately the victim of gun violence.

The post read “We lost a legend yesterday @cookieboy_b X @official_zourz ?#TheWorldIsZourz #LongLiveCookieBoyB #Zourz4L.” The message received tons of condolence comments and over 9,000 hearts.

Runtz/Joke’s Up leader YungLB posted several images of Cookie Boy B, the first one with a caption that expressed his shock at the loss: “???? #LongLiveCookieBoyB This shit unreal ?️ I can’t stop cryin’ but kno it’s on the flooo BOUT YOOOUUUUU & I got ur 2 seeds wit whatever we gotta do king. I promise imma keep ur name lit & we gonna keep draggin til our wheels fall off. LOVE U PAST THE MOON N BAC DUMMY #ZourBoyz #TheWorldisZourz #RuntzGvng #EastcoastCookieBoyz #ZGain4L.”

YungLB also posted to Instagram that the official Zourz strains would have limited availability going forward, with proceeds going to Cookie Boy B’s children. He posted, “AIN’T NO @OFFICIAL_ZOURZ ON THE STREETS NO MORE!!!!! ALL REAL @OFFICIAL_ZOURZ ARE IN THE CANNABIS CLUBS & ALL PROCEEDS R GOIN TO HIS KIDS TRUST-FUNDS!!!!! IF IT AIN’T IN THE CLUB, IT’S NOT IT!!!! #LONGLIVECOOKIEBOYB #THISWORLDISZOURZ.” It’s unclear how this will impact the availability of Zourz in popular dispensaries like Cookies and Dr. Greenthumb’s.

Tributes to Cookie Boy B appeared throughout Instagram and elsewhere online. The brand Bipperz posted an image of him with the caption “REST IN POWER @cookieboy_b#ZOURZ#RUNTZ#BIPPERZ ??#RESPECT#[email protected]_zourz.” The Riddlez brand posted an image with the caption “?gone but never forgotten @cookieboy_b #kingsmen#king#zourz#myotherbrother.” Best Medicinal Farms posted an image and wrote “BLACK ZOURZ forever love 4 life & death gone too soon can’t believe it still. we just talk ????#zourboyz #zourz #zourzpowerz #zourz #zourboyz #Zmafia.” DJ Jazzie Taboo reposted a video from Cookie Boy B’s birthday celebration and wrote “We live in a fucked up world y’all. Protect your energy, show love to the ones who hold you down. Don’t involve yourself with mfs you gotta question. Stay focused and move with integrity. Rest up @cookieboy_b. ?.”

The hashtag slogan that YungLB and Cookie Boy B used for the Zourz brand, #theworldiszourz, a play on “the world is ours,” expresses the brand’s hope and optimism backed by young entrepreneurs working hard to make a better life and succeed. YungLB plans to continue the Zourz legacy, saying that he’s “got the seeds” and will use the brand/strain to honor the work and life of Cookie Boy B.

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