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New Strains for your Brain April 2022

This past month we saw several new strains hit the California weed market. Here's a look at trendy new flavors that are available on dispensary shelves.

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This past month we saw several new strains hit the California weed market. Here’s a look at trendy new flavors that are available on dispensary shelves.

22Red has a fresh batch of their famously tasty strain SoDelicious.

2TookFarms dropped several strains: 41510, 94th Jack, Frost Bite, Mainey, Monkey King, Ronni Lott Gelato 42, and Wakanda.

Artifactz dropped Pink Canary.

Backpack Boyz come through with the fresh flavors: Blue Fruit Ztripez, Lucky Lemonz, White Cherry Dulce, and White Zerbert.

Beard Bros Pharms dropped their Motorbreath and Sunset Sherbert concentrates.

Big Al’s Exotics dropped Gushers BX.

Big Smokey Farms dropped Black Zoap and Bubble Gumbo.

Blaze Mota dropped Grape Gas.

Blaze1 Cannabis dropped Cherry Gelato and Rocketfuel OG.

Blue Print put out The Piper.

Candy Paint Flowers has out their BOLO Runtz.

Cannatique dropped their Cherry Milkshake, Hood Candiez, Space Candy, Lemon Cherry, and Lemon Cherry Runtz.

Cartel Money dropped their Black Cherry Dulce and Lumbre Dulce.

Certz dropped Banana Certz and Nova Cane.

Clade9 dropped South Central Purps.

Compound Genetics put out their Mellowz 8.

Connected dropped Slow Lane.

Cookies put out a slew of new strains: Bernscotti, Cereal a la Mode, Gary Paton x Jealousy, Golden Gate Bridge, Heavy Eye, Melon Bar, Mexican Flan, Parts Unknown, Quicksand, Rappers Delight, Tequila Sunrise, Water Balloon Pear, Toothpaste, and Thai Mango. Rappers Delight was released in 3 phenos, inviting testers to choose the best pheno for the strain.

Cookies Heavy Eye
Cookies Heavy Eye

Cronja dropped Sour Cup Cakes.

Dead Presidents put out Kennedy Trufflez and Presidential Gushers.

Deep in the Bag dropped Barry Seal, Calamanzi, Candy Beach, and Candy Street.

Diaspora Farms dropped Lambs Bread.

Don Merfos dropped their Amarena de Limon, Paloma, and Super Runtz.

Dope King has their new strain out, Rainbow Cake.

Dubz Garden dropped Bubblegum Horchata, Gelato Pluz, Lemon Gelato Pop, and White Gelato Pluz.

Ekstrepe dropped Georgia Pie.

Elyon dropped Berry Cheese Cake, Race Fuel, and Tiramisu.

Errl Hill dropped Gazberries.

Deep in the Bag Candy Street
Deep in the Bag Candy Street

Exquisite Exotixs dropped their strain Pussy Charmz, with a scandalous mylar bag.

Farmer and the Felon dropped The Glove.

Fidels dropped Jealousy.

Fields Family Farm dropped Animal Mints, Gooberz, Jealous Banana, and Sherple.

Flavorz R Us dropped Uncle Elroy.

New brand Flightpath has out their Banana Cream x Jealousy, Gelato x GSC, Jealousy, Jealousy x Kush Mintz, Zkittlez x Kush Mints.

Foxy dropped their Jack Fruit strain.

Freeza came out with White Freeza.

Fresca dropped Aguas Fresca.

Friendly Farms dropped Yotti.

Don Merfos Paloma
Don Merfos Paloma

Gashouse USSR put out Pluto and Baby Pluto.

GKUA dropped Anunnaki and Satsuma.

Gooniez dropped Rainbow Gubbagum and Raxxbert.

Grandiflora has out their Karizma and Voudew.

Greenline dropped Horchata and The Joker.

Grizzly Peak dropped Candela, Ice Cream Cakes, Kryptonite, and Lawsuit.

Headstash has out their Cherry Jubilee, Sam Caldwell, Sheesh, and Top-Shelf Runtz.

Heights dropped Ooze.

Hello dropped Black Runts.

Hi-Tech has a fresh batch of SS2 out.

High 90s dropped Double Cupcake, Gelato 33, Tropical Cookies, and Watermelon Sherbert.

High Mart has out their Big Time.

Houseplant dropped Strawberry Moon.

Jokes Up dropped Kava.

Khalifa Kush dropped a new strain Babby Powder.

Kush Co dropped Sour Power OG.

Kush Life has out Apple Jax with Young N.A.Z.

The Piff Antidote
The Piff Antidote

LA Traffic dropped Red Envelopes and Zlush Puppiez.

Legion of Bloom dropped Triangle Mints.

Lithouse dropped their version of Jealousy.

Malibu dropped Strawberry Daiquiri.

Must Be Nice Got Dank dropped several new strains including Capones Macarones, Dumbos Bananas, Capones Mochi, and Dumbos Cello.

North Country Pharms dropped Bananacream Jealousy and The Future.

Northern Emeralds dropped Caramel Apple Romulan.

Packwoods dropped their collab Kane Train.

Pastry’s dropped Blue Frosting.

Pearl Pharma has out their Royal Dutch.

Pure Blanco dropped new strain Sicario.

Quality Cure dropped Super Runtz.

Sherbinskis dropped new Acaiberry Gelato.

Shopping Carts has out their Chocolate Haupia Pie, Rainbow Cherries, and Watermelon Haupia.

Black Cherry Dulce
Black Cherry Dulce

Sinister Kingdom Meds (SKMeds) debuted with two new strains, Conejo OG and Jalisco Jefe de Plaza.

Squintz put out the strain Wendy.

TasteDeezTreatz dropped Maracuja Helado.

TCH Design dropped Purple Push Pop and Wedding Cake.

Team Elite Genetics has out smalls of their J1, Nova Cane, Peach Ozz strains.

Teds Budz dropped Catch of the Year and National Chronicles.

Ten Co. dropped Tenscotti.

The Bakerie dropped strains Kush OJ, Lacville, and LBC.

The Cure Co dropped Papaya and White Cherry Gelato.

The Fundraisers brand dropped their strain Super Oopz.

The Marathon dropped Blue Bubblegum.

The Piff dropped Antidote.

The Smokers Club dropped Couch Potato.

Timeless Terps dropped Zurge.

Top Tier has out their Bubble Gummy, Dulce Guaz, and Jelly Gummy.

Traditional dropped Bubblegum Gelato and Crenshaw Sherb.

Trap Private Reserve dropped Pablo and Weedies.

True Humboldt dropped Black Cherry Gelato.

Traditional Bubblegum Gelato
Traditional Bubblegum Gelato

Turtle Pie Co. has out their Strawberry Melon.

Umma dropped Red Bullz.

The brand Uncle Snoop dropped the strain Bored 8th.

Worldwide Flowerz dropped Gorilla Mintz.

Zaba dropped Pink Guava Bonkerz.

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