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New Strains for your Brain: December 2021

Off the heels of Croptober, December continues to offer tons of strain drops and special launches in the Cali weed space. Here's a roundup of what people are talking about, including fresh drops by Redline Reserve, Backpack Boyz, MidZotics, Artifactz, Wonderbrett, Taste Deez Treatz, Deftones, Tucky Blunt, and more.

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Off the heels of Croptober, December continues to offer tons of strain drops and special launches in Cali weed world. Here’s a roundup of what people are talking about.

Napalm x Wonderbrett launched an 8g Napalm preroll in five Wonderbrett strains: Peach OZ, Orange Sunset, Grapes of Wrath, Pink Picasso.

Wonderbrett says that “back by popular demand,” they’re dropping Strawberry Bliss.

Wonderbrett x Redline Reserve dropped Blueberry Purp (Grand Daddy Purple x Beyond Blueberry v1 x OZ Kush Cookies & Cream).

Redline Reserve dropped two new strains, Purple Blossom and Red Dream, at an exclusive event at Dr. Greenthumb’s DTLA in December.

Bags of the new Redline Reserve strains “Red Dream” and “Purple Blossom,” on display at Dr. Greenthumb’s DTLA on December 11, 2021.

Cookies x Rick Ross dropped the All Time High strain.

Quavo has a special new batch of his Birkinz strain (by Winner’s Circle Genetics) which dropped at Backpack Boyz in San Diego. Also check out the Birkinz strain collab with Packwoods.

New brand Tremendo Trees launched in December.

Berner’s on Haight hosted a brand release party for California Fresh Products/Sneakers Extracts.

Backpack Boyz launched Crypto Gelato, Cherry Chuckz, Duzalin, Magia and Uncle Snoop.

Deftones Cannabis launched with their cannabis collection called The Passenger Box. The strain Passenger is used for flower, edibles, and vapes. The limited edition box is available throughout the state. It is a “curated cannabis collection” produced with Golden Barn.

The Quavo strain Birkinz dropped a new batch along with a collaboration with Packwoods.

THC Design says “We have a super limited drop of our newest cultivar ‘Fantastic Voyage‘ coming out next week. An incredibly delicious and flavorful Sativa-dom cross of Watermelon Zkittles x Jesus OG, only available in the THC Design ‘Hot Box’ and only for the month of December.”

Korova launched their “Landrace Series” in 3 strains Lambs Bread, Chocolate Thai, Acapulco Gold. They say, “Landrace strains are the original genetic foundations of modern cannabis hybrids. These 3 particular sativa strains have evolved naturally over thousands of years in warm, tropical environments and can offer intense effects. Experience pure sativa the way nature intended.”

Blunts + Moore‘s Tucky Blunt launched a new cannabis brand in partnership with Grizzly Peak. Simply Green relaunched in December with an event at Berner’s on Haight. The brand will be available at dozens of stores soon.

Synergy dropped a batch of Blueberry Shortcake hash and the strains Crypto and Black Dolce Banana.

Runtz dropped Watermelon Runtz.

Cartel Money dropped Lemon Cherry Dulce.

Artifactz dropped NOS.

New brand Shooters dropped 223-Lato strain. “Gelato cross with skittles cross with Z cube cross with Zero X is the making of .223 LATO.”

Cookies new Humboldt outdoor line grown by Ridgeline just dropped Red Velvet, cultivated by Grandiflora.

MidZotics x Riff Raff dropped Ultraviolet Pirate (@jodyhighroller x @riffzotics x @humboldt_iq), which is Watermelon Skittlez x Lemon Tree with genetics by @oakland_grandiflora and cultivated by @humboldt_iq/@manny_growz.

Promotional image of the strain Ultraviolet Pirate by MidZotics x Riff Raff.

Conejo‘s brand SKMeds dropped their strain Jalisco in partnership with Buddah Co.

Check out Mambaz x Don Merfos Exotics collab strain Super Mambaz.

Lolo tryin to troll us with #islandbois.

More December Drops

Money Making Exotics dropped White Zerbert.

Connected Cannabis Co. dropped Hitch Hiker and Pantera Limone.

Mount Burnin’ has Dirty Silky available now.

Hi Tech x Teds Budz dropped Big Squid and Uni. The Bubba Gum Co x Teds Budz dropped Garlic Shrimp Girl.

Wizard Trees x Teds Budz dropped Zangria and Mari.ju.wana x Teds Budz has out their Dubai Sunset.

Wizard Trees also has out their C.R.E.A.M. strain.

Teds Budz offers Platinum Haupina and Black Matcha Mochi.

Travis Scott’s Cactus Farms has a fresh drop of their strain PYT Jack.

Cannatique dropped the Drip and Blue Cheeze and Black Raspberry Gelato

Seed Junky dropped Indica strain Bubblegum Sherb.

Taste Deez Treatz has out their Helado Azul and Pink Helado.

Promotional image for the strain Helado Azul by Taste Deez Treatz.

Fresca dropped the strain Coquito.

Lyfted Farms has a fresh batch of Bacio.

Kush Rush Exotics dropped Black Gushers.

Blueprint dropped the strain Triple Lindy.

Gas Co. dropped Demrick’s Mac2Nite.

Sprinklez is looking forward to a winter vacay with Tahitian Sprinklez and Miami Sprinklez strain drops.

The Heights dropped Supreme Gelato and announced that Lemon Larry OG is on its way.

Jay-Z’s Monogram dropped the strain No.08.

High Mart has Churros, Sinaloa, and Off the Menu available.

Legacy farm Panacea dropped Caked Up Cherries and Banana Cream Jealousy.

Dubz Garden dropped White Gelato Plus and Hana Butter.

LA Family Farms dropped their strains White Runtz and White Chocolate Chunk.

CAM dropped private reserve editions of strains La Paleta, CAMethyst, and Gelati.

Fiore has Cyber Cake and Tropicana out, both Hybrid strains.

Alien Labs has out their Kryptochronic, Atomic Apple, and Planet Milk.

Dangla Exotic Flower offers Extreme Berrie Blitz.

Flavors offers their Apple Sherbert strain.

LA Traffic has Cherry Zlushie available.

Shopping Carts dropped Platinum Haupia.

THC Design offers Garlic Cocktail.

Kings Garden dropped First Class Funk and Roxx.

Viola dropped their new strain Bucketz.

The Marathon Cultivation offers Purple Lime Gelato, Gummies, Fresh Mint Lemonade, and Sugar Plum Gelato.

Traditional dropped Suga Pie.

Cream of the Crop Gardens dropped Purple Thunder.

Cannabiotix offers their RPG, Tropicanna, and Mr. Boombastic.

Cloutking dropped White Terdz, Lemon Cherry Terdz, Clout Face and Peanut Butter Cup on California.

At a Black Friday takeover at Dr. Greenthumb’s DTLA, Vymana dropped GOG (Gift of God) with THC over 29%.

Don Merfos Exotics teamed up with Mambaz to release the strain Super Mambaz.

New Not-Strains

Boxxiat’s Inflamed Studios teamed up with Runtz for an Inflamed x Runtz clothing line drop.

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