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New Strains for your Brain, January 2022

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Coming out of December and into January saw a ton of new strain drops and reups of favorite strains throughout California.

Here’s a look at what people were smoking on in January.

New California Strains in January

Kush Rush Exotics dropped Miami Fresh.

Cloutking has his Airheads and Terdz n’ Cream strains available. Plus check out the latest, Milk Steak. Clout King also dropped Lemon Cherry Terdz.

Famouski with the new new, dropped strains Devils Cake and Cherry Frosty.

Candy Paint Flowers dropped the strain Nine Nine Six.

Ball Family Farms has out their newest strains Clubber Lang and Dragonfly Jones.

Broke Boyz has Version 2 of their custom vape carts, which we hear are FIRE. Check out flavors Runtz, Lemon Latti, White Gummy, No Wave and Lemon Cherry Gelato.

Zackwoods x Champelli dropped their “Life on a Canvas” special limited pack.

Zackwoods x Champelli
Zackwoods x Champelli

Heights dropped Lady Zaza.

Packwoods dropped a collab with Heights. They also have their Packs flower with the new strain Truffle.

Cookies dropped a batch of Georgia Pie in a bag branded Justice for Corvain, a tribute to @corvaincooper.

Cookies also dropped the strain Emerald Cut.

Jokes Up dropped Handicap Gummy. Jokes Up also dropped DankAroos, Gumbo Pop, Herblato, Nobody Move, and Shmurda Cutt.

Jokes Up Shmurda Cutt
Jokes Up Shmurda Cutt

Cookies x Compound Genetics offers Pave, a strain for Quavo by @CookiesEnterprisesCo and @Compound_Genetics

Ricky’s Borther’s Kush x THC Design, Snoop Dogg’s tour manager, has a 98 cut of OG.

Alien Labs has their latest I Want to Believe.

The Piff dropped NYC Haze.

Artifactz has been busy with flavor drops. Check out their Rainy Days, Skywalker OG, Kiwi Dream, Lemon Cherry Skittlez, Blue Gusherz, Bacio 7, Certified Skittlez and Zerb 41.

Artifactz Blue Gusherz strain
Artifactz Blue Gusherz strain

Hi-Tech has out their Ray-K 41 and A.M.A. (Antimatter Annihilator). Hi-Tech x Teds Budz dropped Big Sound.

Synergy has new concentrates including Knights Templar, which is a collab between Cali Kosher x Golden State Banana. They also have their Rainbow Belts Sauce.

Synergy strains
Synergy strains

Synergy also dropped Double Stuffed and White Dolce Banana strains.

Blaze MOTA offered their Cherry Cheesecake.

The Ten Co. dropped Blue Zushi plus launched Ten Ten Runtz at their new store location in Perris, Ca.

Shopping Carts has a bunch of new flavors out, including Z-3, Rainbow Beltz, Dirty South, Haupia Tropical (LCG x Gelato 41), Coconut Runtz, and Bubblegum Haupia.

Shopping Carts Dirty South strain
Shopping Carts Dirty South strain

Shopping Carts x Balikbayan dropped the strain Buko Panda.

Famed cultivator Wonderbrett announced that they now offer their strains as Live Resin Distillate Cartridges.

Los Angeles Traditional ( dropped Mamba 24, Caicos and Gummies. Traditional also has their new Cookies & Cream strain.

Drive By LA x Flavorz R Us dropped Blu Zleepwalker.

Terraform Genetics has out their latest, O.M.F.G.

Positive Raw Energy dropped Dope in the Bag.

The Bakerie has their Fresco, saying “the original Bakerie strain is back.”

22Red dropped Angry Apple. dropped 42 Hellcat and Wooly on the Moon.

Dr. Greenthumb’s Insane brand has a few new flavors out, including Kushido and Alien Brain.

Ricky’s Brother’s Kush x THC Design launched OG. “Working as Snoop Dogg’s tour manager for 17 years, Ricky traveled the world. On top of doing all of the day to day duties of a tour manager, He was also tasked with finding the best buds in each town. The one which always delivered the goods was this OG cut Ricky got from his brother.”

Ricky's Brother's Kush OG
Ricky’s Brother’s Kush OG

Dangla Exotic Flavorz dropped their Extreme Warheadz, Sixletz, and Blossom strains.

Dubz Garden x La Coz dropped Lemon Gelato Pop, Guava Plus, and Bubblegum Horchata.

Backpack Boyz have been busy as always. They dropped Lemonz and Cherriez (Lemon Cherry Ice Cream x ZCube), Zhirley Temple, Tropical Gushiez, Zlush Puppiez, and Cherry 64.

Backpack Boyz x High Tolerance x Flytrap x The Fire Society dropped Gumbo Pop.

Backpack Boyz x Cartel Money dropped Zuper Dulce (Zuper Bubble x Creme Dulce) and White Cherry Dulce.

Backpack Boyz x Top Tier has out their White Gushiez and Blue Gushiez strains.

Backpack Boyz x White Smoke has out the strain Honey Butter.

White Smoke Honey Butter strain
White Smoke Honey Butter strain

White Smoke also offers Green Plum and Bingsoo.

Don Merfos Exotics dropped their latest strain Paloma.

Ms. Gloria dropped Ice Cream Gelato and Oblivion.

Jelly Co. x Official Gooniez dropped their strain Dragon Trash.

Jelly co x Official Gooniez Dragon Trash
Jelly co x Official Gooniez Dragon Trash

Gooniez also dropped their Grape Gelato Push Pop strain.

Cannatique dropped their Ace of Spadez, Lemon Cherry Garcia, Black Raspberry Gelato, and Sugar Free strains.

Top Tier offers White Gushers, Taro, Blu Gushers, and Tien Sas.

Top Tier strains
Top Tier strains

Maqui dropped their latest strain Maqui Ice (@Maqui415 crossed with @blue_ice_415).

We see you Midzotics with Tigers Milk, Fresca with Coquito, Blueprint with BYB, Headstash with Zati and Adeline, Cream of the Crop Gardens with Chemtrail OG and Saucey with Facemints.

New brand Presidential Exotics dropped Benji’s.

Presidential Exotics Benji's strain
Presidential Exotics Benji’s strain

Andretti has a fresh batch of strains Berry Beignet, Grape Gelly, Bourbon St., and Jetz.

Forbidden Flowers has a 50:50 CBD/THC strain called Cuddle Season.

Cannabiotix dropped Zereal Milk, Snowed In, and Casino Kush.

Grizzly Peak launched Marshmellow and Ube.

Ben Baller dropped two new strains: Kelly Green 47 and Box Fan Benny.

Zaba Ice Capz has their Sour Blue Icee strain out.

Zaba dropped their Icecapz x Zzzzoap collab, Frozen Zoap.

LA Dank Co. has a fresh batch of Pinky’s Oreoz 52.

LA Traffic dropped Cold Stonez, Viral, and Losanberry Zlushie.

Terphogz has a fresh batch of concentrates in Zlushi and Hindu Zkittlez Papaya.

Mount Burnin Farms continues with Silky Scream.

Balanced dropped Limone Cherri and Blue Gushers.

Deep East offers Zoap and RS11 blackholes by Holyrollers.

LA Dank Co Pinky's Oreoz 52
LA Dank Co Pinky’s Oreoz 52

Source launches Source Exclusives. “Our Exclusives are small-batch, limited quantities.”

Los Angeles Family Farms dropped White Chocolate Chunk and Zkittle Cake.

Lyfted Farms has out their Bacio, Bacio x Grape Pie, and Oreoz.

Macho Time Cannabis dropped Cherry Limonada.

Must Be Got Dank dropped their strains Angry Canadian, Gangsta Bird, and Sunset Killer.

Sunset Connect has E85 as well as a collab with Black C. Sunset Connect x Ruthless By Law dropped RBL’s Black C Legends 002.

New brand by Marty Grimes Yah Yah has a fresh batch of GMO Cookies that’s smoking good.

New brand G-Funk by G-Putt (G. Singh) dropped at Berner’s on Haight.

The brand Frosted Flavors just dropped at Berner’s on Haight. Frosted Flavors dropped Sonnie Blow, a strain by Sonnie Bo.

Teds Budz x Say It Ain’t So dropped Gassius Clay.

LA Traffic Losanberry Zlushie strain
LA Traffic Losanberry Zlushie strain

Hotbox dropped OG Stacks and Wedding Cake.

Sprinklez dropped Sweet Tart Sprinklez.

Rated Gas x Bobby Fish Scale dropped Tilapia.

The brand Hush dropped Sour Tangie.

New drop from Westcoast Genetics in Mystery White, London Mintz, Manzanita, Banana Foster.

San Fran local Ricky Rat’s has a fresh batch of their strain Cheese.

New Not-Strains:

Desto Dubb Ghost
Desto Dubb Ghost

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