The California State Fair "Golden Bear" award. The award is given to the best in the competition. Credit: California State Fair / California State Fair

This week, the CA State Fair Cannabis Awards announced the inaugural award-winning cultivars and cultivators from throughout California. More than 300 entries were evaluated for this year’s competition.

A total of 60 trophies and medals were awarded, consisting of gold and silver medals by division and category, as well as the Golden Bear Award for the “Best of California” overall winners.

MOCA Humboldt, Esensia, and Greenshock Farms were among the top winners.

“Adding cannabis cultivation, alongside wine, craft beer, cheese and olive oil, was a perfect fit with the CA State Fair’s history of celebrating California’s rich agriculture history,” said California Exposition & State Fair Board of Director Chair Jess Durfee.

The science-based competition evaluated cannabis flower across three divisions: indoor, mixed light and outdoor.

Lab testing was provided by SC Labs, California’s premier testing facilities, to determine the winners in 10 categories: Cannabinoids consisting of CBDa, CBGa and THCa, as well as Terpenes including Myrcene, beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Ocimene, Terpinolene, Pinene and a co-dominant category.

“Award-winning cannabis comes from the immaculate care, craft and skill in the drying, curing and preservation of the most fleeting quality indicators that cannabis produces — which are the terpenes and other trace volatile compounds present in any given cultivar,” said SC Labs Co-founder Alec Dixon.

MOCA Humboldt, a Eureka-based operation shined in the indoor cannabinoid categories receiving two Golden Bear awards. Similarly,

Mendocino-based Esensia dominated the outdoor Terpenes division receiving two Golden Bear awards for Terpinolene and beta-Caryophyllene.

Also noteworthy was Greenshock Farms which won Golden Bears for Ocimene and CBDa.

“We love the science-based lab testing involved with this competition and are honored to be a part of the legendary CA State Fair,” said MOCA Humboldt Vice President of Marketing and Sales Aaron Salles.

“This relationship lends legitimacy to our industry and provides us an opportunity to educate people about the many benefits of the cannabis plant.”

Kolas Technology SBM, a subsidiary of Kolas, will provide each winner with a registered digital certification via Blockchain technology to authenticate and protect the award-winning product.

All winners will be showcased at the CA Cannabis Exhibit at the CA State Fair, July 15-31, 2022.

The exhibit will take fairgoers (21 and over) on an educational journey about the cannabis plant as well as the history and pioneers of cannabis in California. (No commercial cannabis sales or on-site commercial cannabis consumption is permitted at the CA State Fair.)

“These historic awards will further define premium-quality and provide a platform for California cannabis cultivators and their communities,” said James Leitz, CEO of Cultivar Brands and Executive Producer of the Awards.

The awards have been developed in partnership between Cultivar Brands and the California Exhibition & State Fair.

Winning California cannabis farms this year are Agricola Flower & Nursery, Aviation Cannabis, Booney Acres, Bush Family Farms, Canndescent, Dry Farmed Organic Medicinals, Emerald Spirit Botanicals, Esensia, First Cut Farms, Flawless Flowers, Gentleman’s Cut, Glentucky Family Farm, Greenline Organic Nursery, Greenshock Farms, Harborside, High Grade Farms, Hogwash Pharms, Huckleberry Hill Farms, Humo, Magic Meadow Farms, Mendocino Family Farm, MOCA Humboldt, Naughty Squirrel Farms, North Country Pharms, Planet Green Farms, Ridgeline Farms, River Txai Farms, Silver Dragon Cannabis, Sol Spirit Farm, Talking Trees Farms, Triple Seven, Valley Pure Farms, and Zeki.

California grow locations represented in this year’s winners are Calaveras County, Coachella Valley, Desert Hot Springs, Eureka, Garberville, Hopland, Humboldt County, Lake County, Laytonville, Los Angeles, Mendocino County, Monterey, Redwood Valley/Tomki, Sacramento, Salinas, Salyer, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, Southern Humboldt, Trinity County, Willits, and Woodlake.

Unique award categories were Indoor THCa, Indoor CBGa, Indoor Caryophyllene, Indoor Limonene, Indoor Myrcene, Indoor Ocimene, Indoor Pinene, Indoor Terpinolene, Indoor Co-Dominant Terpene (MCL), Mixed Light THCa, Mixed Light Caryophyllene, Mixed Light Limonene, Mixed Light Myrcene, Mixed Light Ocimene, Mixed Light Pinene, Mixed Light Terpinolene, Mixed Light Co-Dominant Terpene (MCL), Outdoor THCa, Outdoor THCV, Outdoor CBDa, Outdoor B-Caryophyllene, Outdoor Caryophyllene, Outdoor Limonene, Outdoor Myrcene, Outdoor Ocimene, Outdoor Pinene, Outdoor Terpinolene, and Outdoor Co-Dominant Terpene (MCL), Best of California THCa, Best of California CBDa, Best of California CBGa, Best of California Limonene, Best of California Myrcene, Best of California Ocimene, Best of California Pinene, Best of California Terpinolene, Best of California Caryophyllene, Best of California Co-Dominant Terpene (MCL).

Co-Founders of Esensia farms Ben Blake and Marley Lovell. Credit: Syra McCarthy / @syranara

2022 Award Winners

Mixed Light

  • Gold: Harborside for Tropsanto (THCa), Salinas
  • Gold: Booney Acres for Gelonade (Co-Dominant Terpene (MCL)), Trinity County
  • Gold: Talking Trees Farms for Mac & Geez (Myrcene), Humboldt County
  • Gold: Humo for Mother’s Milk #31 (Caryophyllene), Salinas
  • Gold: Naughty Squirrel Farms for Venom OG (Limonene), Calaveras County
  • Gold: Harborside for Motorhead (Pinene), Salinas
  • Gold: Humo for Iced Lemonaid (Ocimene), Salinas
  • Gold: Sol Spirit Farm for Sol Shine (Terpinolene), Salyer
  • Silver: Talking Trees Farms for Lemon Royale (THCa), Humboldt County
  • Silver: Hogwash Pharms for Beach Crasher (Co-Dominant Terpene (MCL)), Humboldt County
  • Silver: River Taxi Farms Arcanna for True Ryder OG (Myrcene), Mendocino County
  • Silver: Harborside for Tropsanto (Caryophyllene), Salinas
  • Silver Harborside for Maconga (Limonene), Salinas
  • Silver Bush Family Farms for Mac (Pinene), Laytonville
  • Silver: Huckleberry Hill Farms for Margie’s Magic #1 (Terpinolene), Garberville


  • Gold: MOCA Humboldt for Wookies (THCa), Eureka
  • Gold: MOCA Humboldt for Grape Cookies (CBGa), Eureka
  • Gold: North Country Pharms for Tractor Gas (Co-Dominant Terpene (MCL)), Sacramento
  • Gold: Valley Pure Farms for Watermelon Sugar (Myrcene), Woodlake
  • Gold: High Grade Farms for Peanut Butter Cup (Caryophyllene), Sacramento
  • Gold: Gentleman’s Cut for Laughing Gas (Limonene), Coachella Valley
  • Gold: Greenline Organic Nursery for Animal Tree (Pinene), Monterey
  • Gold: MOCA Humboldt for Grape Cookies (Ocimene), Eureka
  • Gold: Aviation Cannabis for Durban Poison (Terpinolene), San Jose
  • Silver: Flawless Flowers for Phat Burger (THCa), Sacramento
  • Silver: Canndescent for Cherry Punch (Co-Dominant Terpene (MCL)), Desert Hot Springs
  • Silver: Talking Trees Farms for Menage #21 (Myrcene), Humboldt County
  • Silver: MOCA Humboldt for ZOG (Caryophyllene), Eureka
  • Silver: Zeki for Gas Pedal (Limonene), Los Angeles
  • Silver: Planet Green Farms for God’s Breath (Pinene), Sacramento
  • Silver: Triple Seven for Super SMAC (Terpinolene), Los Angeles


  • Gold: Mendocino Family Farm for GMO Cookies (THCa), Mendocino County
  • Gold: Greenshock Farms for G Lime Burst (CBDa), Willits
  • Gold: Dry Farmed Organic Medicinals for Mimosa Glow (Co-Dominant Terpene (MCL)), Humboldt County
  • Gold: Naughty Squirrel Farms for Lemon Vuitton (Myrcene), Lake County
  • Gold: Esensia for Lemon OG (B-Caryophyllene), Hopland
  • Gold: Glentucky Family Farm for Solful La Bomba (Limonene), Sonoma County
  • Gold: Silver Dragon Cannabis for Mendo Crumble (Pinene), Redwood Valley / Tomki
  • Gold: Greenshock Farms for Passion Orange Guava (Ocimene), Willits
  • Gold: Esensia for Buddha’s Hand (Terpinolene), Hopland
  • Silver: Magic Meadow Farms for God’s Breath (THCa), Lake County
  • Silver: Talking Trees Farms for Ringo’s Gift x Mimosa (CBDa), Humboldt
  • Silver: First Cut Farms for Limeadelic (Co-Dominant Terpene (MCL)), Mendocino County
  • Silver: Ridgeline Farms for Apples & Bananas (Myrcene), Southern Humboldt
  • Silver: Ridgeline Farms for Green Lantern (Caryophyllene), Southern Humboldt
  • Silver: Ridgeline Farms for Ridgeline Runtz (Limonene), Southern Humboldt
  • Silver: Agricola Flower & Nursery for Strawberry Cough (Pinene), Santa Rosa
  • Silver: Greenshock Farms for Tropical Sleigh Ride (Ocimene), Willits
  • Silver: Esensia for Rose Petal (Terpinolene), Hopland
  • Unique: Emerald Spirit Botanicals for Pink Boost Goddess (THCV), Mendocino County

Best of California

  • Indoor: MOCA Humboldt for Wookies (THCa), Eureka
  • Indoor: MOCA Humboldt for Grape Cookies (CBGa), Eureka
  • Indoor: North Country Pharms for Tractor Gas (Co-Dominant (MCL)), Sacramento
  • Indoor: Gentleman’s Cut for Laughing Gas (Limonene), Coachella Valley
  • Outdoor: Greenshock Farms for G Lime Burst (CBDa), Willits
  • Outdoor: Naughty Squirrel Farms for Lemon Vuitton (Myrcene), Lake County
  • Outdoor: Esensia for Lemon OG (Caryophyllene), Hopland
  • Outdoor: Silver Dragon Cannabis for Mendo Crumble (Pinene), Redwood Valley / Tomki
  • Outdoor: Greenshock Farms for Passion Orange Guava (Ocimene), Willits
  • Outdoor: Esensia for Buddha’s Hand (Terpinolene), Hopland