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Cali Weed Community Rallies Around New NFT Art Collection Feathered Underdog Club

Weed marketing master Ben Pechetti, aka Sticker Farmer, has developed a solid reputation in the weed community of California since he began printing packaging for up-and-coming brands back in 2015. While he’s known for helping to create and promote weed brands, Sticker Farmer is now becoming a major player in the cannabis NFT space with the launch of Feathered Underdog Club.

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B Real’s New Weed Brand Highlights Cali’s Legacy Cannabis Farmers

Hip-hop artist B Real, lead singer of Cypress Hill, has already impacted the legal weed industry with his Dr. Greenthumb’s chain of weed dispensaries and his Insane brand of indoor weed. Last week, B Real announced the launch of his new weed brand Dr. Greenthumb’s Flower, in partnership with his longtime cultivator Kenji Fujishima, which will be the first time B Real has put his name on outdoor-grown flower.

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Dr. Greenthumb’s Sylmar Reopening Event Features B Real and Tommy Chong

On Saturday, February 26, Dr. Greenthumb’s Sylmar weed dispensary held a grand reopening event. The San Fernando Valley storefront, one of only a few hundred dispensaries in L.A., had been temporarily closed for almost a year. The reopening came with an updated design and the refreshed space looks flashy and well-stocked. The reason the doors […]

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AG Cubano’s TasteDeezTreatz Brings Exotics with Latino Flavor

By 2020, AG Cubano knew he had access to the best product and knew how to brand and market it. Before long, TasteDeezTreatz caught the attention of moguls in the Cali music industry, Goldtoes and Berner. Both knew Cubano as a fellow artist and musician, but when they saw what he was doing with weed they took notice. Cookies worked with Cubano to get the brand licensed, legal, and on dispensary shelves.

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The Black Box Project Highlights California’s Black-owned & Social Equity Brands

Los Angeles: Today, the Black Box Project launched its collection at four important dispensaries in L.A. The unique collection of weed products brings together some of the best Black-owned brands in California cannabis. Available in limited quantities, the box is an excellent value and its creators hope it will raise awareness of social equity operators in California cannabis during Black History Month.