Puffco’s Proxy Show Highlights Glass Artists

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On Satuday February 11th, the eDab maker Puffco held an art show in Downtown LA focused on custom glass works for its Proxy device.

LA-based Puffco makes electronic devices specially made to smoke hash. They offer a series of models, but the Proxy model has a fanbase due to it being shaped like a beautiful glass pipe.

The glass component of the proxy, as with all Puffco devices, can be swapped out with glass made by artisans of the craft. Glasswork has long been a part of cannabis culture in California, and Puffco has made a point to keep that connection with traditional smoking culture despite its updated electronic form factor.

Saturday’s show showcased dozens of glass artists who displayed their custom Proxy glass pipe body under covered display columns like you would find in a museum.

Artists who participated in the show included Ryan Fitt, Kevin Murray, Hefe, Nate Miers, Germ, Trevymetal, EF Norris, Unparalleled, Scolari, Sarita, Sibelley, Bosko, Joachim, Hover, Orian, DGlass, Jared Cortland, Reyna, Spacewalk, Slate, Yook, Cody Olson, JD Allred, Stoney, BT Glass, and more. Over 30 artists in all took part.

Kevin Chapman, Director of Events for Puffco (formerly of the Chalice Festival) says that the point of the show was to showcase the artists and gather the community.

“We wanted to provide a space to see this art, enjoy each other’s company, and at the end of the day smoke some good hash together,” Chapman said.

Puffco held two art shows in 2018 for the Peak device. They also have put on Puffcon in Downtown LA for two years in a row. Another Puffcon will take place this fall.

The company has been working with glass artists for years, and this show involved both experienced artists and new ones.

Chapman says that the show includes “artists that have already been making products for our device and some new ones that wanted to see what they could do with it.”

Chapman says that the company has tried to set up artists to create for their devices and also tries to showcase the work they create.

“We put the tools in their hands, gave them a platform to build off, and now we’re here showing their art and selling it to the public,” Chapman said.

California-based artists in the show include Rena Rivera, Solari, Stoney, and Enuff Glass.

Chapman has a few of his own favorites.

“The standout pieces that I love, Rena made a very beautiful coconut. It looks like any drink you could get at a bar. Ryan Fitt always really pull out all the stops. He’s got an electroform beautiful Gandalf-style pipe. Stoney himself came out with a beautiful balloon guys piece,” Chapman said.

The specialty glass pieces as well as Puffco products were on sale at the event.

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