Puffcon Celebrates Hash in Downtown Los Angeles

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It was the second Puffcon Block Party in Downtown LA, and this year was double the size of the last one.

The event celebrated concentrates, aka hash, and enthusiasts attended by the thousands.

Puffco dominates the market for eDab devices, which allow smokers to quickly and easily smoke hash.

Entry to the big event required nothing more than a Puffco device. Puffco enthusiasts turned out by the thousands for a carnivalesque immersive experience with music, food, vendors, and plenty of dabbing.

Because the device can be fitted with a piece of custom glass, allowing the tradition of hand-blown glass smoking devices to continue into the digital age, Puffcon in the past emphasized glass accessories. This year, there was less emphasis on glass pieces and more of an emphasis on providing a multi-sensory experience akin to music festivals of past eras.

Hash Vendors like Alien Labs, Trichadelics, and Talking Terps were non-stop busy with long lines throughout the event. A corridor of vendors offered every type of tie-dyed accessory and glass pieces. Among the booths Feeling Frosty, the Astor Club and the brand Fidels (creator of the Hash Hole) could be found.

Puffco’s most recent product, a pipe-like device that is even smaller and more compact than the original Peak device, could be seen here and there, but it was the original Peak that dominated the scene. Custom glass pieces were rarely spotted.

The outdoor space of the downtown venue was arranged into various zones that encouraged attendees to sit, hang out, and take in the vibes.

The theme was trippy with lots of bright colors and was reminicent of the 70s. There were mushrooms all about the outdoor lounge for seating. The Sky Lounge and Chill Zone offered low, comfortable beanbags for deep lounging.

The Main Stage featured DJs that filled the space with sound throughout the day. An evening set began with Ryan Celsius, Eshu Tune (Hannibal Buress), Flatbush Zombies, and ended with headliner ScHoolboy Q.

Events and experiences are the name of the game when it comes to marketing in the weed industry, and Puffcon showed the best of what a free weed event can be.

The Puffcon Block Party was one huge hash sesh with what felt like a big group of friends.

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