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Strain Featured: No

Strain Name Variations: California Cannabis, Hall of Flowers Equity Grant Announced for July 2020 Event, “I Got 5 On It” Bay Area Fundraiser To Raise Money For Rebuilding, Apex Extractions

Strain Type: Indica

Strain Description:


Strain Manufacturer's Description:


THC: 25%

CBD: 40%

Terpenes: Cymene, Borneol

Cannabidiols: THC8, THCC, CBC

Scents: cloves, creamy

Tastes: Sour, Spice

Effects: Creative, Energetic

Grow Information:


Brands: 5 Mil Logistics, 420 Kingdom

Growers: C10-0000026-LIC, C10-0000082-LIC

Genetics: C10-0000082-LIC, C10-0000026-LIC, C10-0000101-LIC

People: C10-0000319-LIC, C10-0000245-LIC

Collaboration: Yes

Brand Strains: California Cannabis, Thursday Drop List – June 25, 2020, Visit Hollyweed Launches on 4/20

Collaboration Description:


Strain Collaborators: C10-0000082-LIC, C10-0000498-LIC

Grow Location: Germany

Growers: C10-0000082-LIC, C10-0000101-LIC

Cultivators: C10-0000082-LIC, C10-0000101-LIC

Genetics: C10-0000016-LIC, C10-0000173-LIC

Strain Variations: Visit Hollyweed Launches on 4/20, Loss of Zourz founder Cookie Boy B

Strain Ancestors: Hot Exotic Strains in Los Angeles, California Cannabis

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