TKG (Triangle Kush Gelato)

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Strain Featured: Yes

Strain Description:

Tradecraft Farms TKG is a Hybrid (Indica Dominant) weed strain available at licensed weed dispensaries in California.

Strain Manufacturer's Description:

Indica Dominant Hybrid

TKG stands for Triangle Kush Gelato. Mixing forest aromas with the essence of tart fruit flavors, this strain is complex and pleasant. In traditional Kush fashion, this strain remains functional in small to medium doses, but leans back into deep relaxation with heavy use.

FLAVOR – Earth, Forest, Sugar

MOOD – Creative, Thoughtful, Relaxation

TERPENES – Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene”

Collaboration: No

Brand Strains: C10-0000521-LIC