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For years, Los Angeles’ Cannabis Social Equity Program felt slow and cumbersome to get up and running, leading to delays and financial losses for applicants. But by 2022, the program has grown to be the largest and most robust of its kind in the country. The culture and industry of cannabis in the world’s largest market is showing signs of a revolution brought on by a new wave of Social Equity entrepreneurs who are determined to reinvest in their communities and to create generational wealth.

A new, limited-edition collection of cannabis products that will go on sale on 4/20 celebrates women-owned brands. Called the Pink Box Project, the curated collection will retail for $60 and has over 12 items covering cannabis flower, edibles, bath products, and accessories.The project’s founder,
Ebony Andersen, says she was inspired by her own experience in the industry and wanted to celebrate people like herself. Andersen is the co-founder (with Whitney Beatty) and CEO of LA social equity dispensary Josephine & Billie’s.

Los Angeles: Today, the Black Box Project launched its collection at four important dispensaries in L.A. The unique collection of weed products brings together some of the best Black-owned brands in California cannabis. Available in limited quantities, the box is an excellent value and its creators hope it will raise awareness of social equity operators in California cannabis during Black History Month.