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Visit Hollyweed’s Top Weed Albums of 2021

Weed culture was, as always, well represented in music released this past year. 2021 was a year filled with bong worthy beats and rolled up rhymes. Here's our favorite picks for those who remove seeds, stems, and sticks before lighting up their lives.

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Visit Hollyweed looked back over 2021 in search of the dopest weed-related albums of this year. We strongly suggest your roll one before reading and stream every single fuckin’ sound on your pothead playlist (use our handy Spotify mixtape).

10. Sometimes I Might Be Introvert by Little Simz (Age 101/AWAL)

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert by Little Simz

It wouldn’t be a proper get lit list without a minimalist British bombshell emo bragging about getting high to get by. Little Simz’s artistry has always extended listeners varying levels of excellence but this, her fourth album, may prove Simz best yet. The album ain’t for those who get high, but for those who stay high all the time; the sky-minded who puff various strains of cloud while staring at the cumulous ones above. Standout tracks include “Woman” with Cleo Sol, “Rolling Stone,” and “How Did You Get Here.”

More info: Little Simz Instagram; Sometimes I Might Be Introvert on Spotify

9. Cheers to the Best Memories by Dvsn & Ty Dolla $ign (OVO Sound/Warner)

Cheers to the Best Memories by Dvsn & Ty Dolla $ign

These R&B singers are refreshingly atypical, the audio art they drum up and deliver is mostly comprised of high on life thought processing and roll-up and ride-out ballads, not sappy lost love lies and lonely lullabies. Canadian duo Dvsn teaming up with LA’s Ty Dolla $ign makes for good energy, particularly for those who keep incense and prerolls lit. Standout tracks include “Don’t Say a Word,” “Fight Club,” and “I Believed it” with Mac Miller.

More info: Dvsn Instagram; Ty Dolla $ign Instagram; Cheers to the Best Memories on Spotify

8. The Voice of Heroes by Lil Baby & Lil Durk (Quality Control/OTF)

The Voice of Heroes by Lil Baby & Lil Durk

The streets have been asking for this album for a couple years now, so it’s only right that A-Town’s Lil Baby and Chi Town’s Lil Durk brought the best out of each other. Similar to Meth & Red, these two high energy hip-hop artists known for their street realism and club anthems birthed and bred from the killing fields of their respective cities bring a talented tug-of-war to The Voice of Heroes. Though the project is less stoner album and more trap gangsta reality delivered with the melodic command we appreciate from both rappers, one is better served getting lifted before listening to TVOH. Standout tracks include “Still Hood,” “That’s Facts,” and “Rich Off Pain” with Rod Wave.

More info: Lil Baby Instagram; Lil Durk Instagram; The Voice of Heroes on Spotify

7. LP! by JPEGMAFIA (Universal Records)


If you have developed a give-less-than-two-fucks immunity to the bullshit, JPEGMafia’s fourth studio album has just the prescription for your freedom from the fuck shit. Of the album’s 20 tracks only two have featured artists (“The Ghost of Ranking Dread” featuring Tkay Maidza and “Rebound” featuring DatPiffMafia) have featured artists, showcasing JPEF’s focus on dumping thought provocative dopeness without distraction or fractured efforts at pop placement. This one is for those who blaze far beyond the basics. Standout tracks include “Hazard Duty Pay,” “Thot’s Prayer,” and “Tired, Nervous & Broke.”

More info: JPEGMAFIA Instagram; LP! on Spotify

6. Good Dick & Weed by Ebhoni (True Panther Records)

Good Dick & Weed by Ebhoni

One of the year’s biggest sleepers, Toronto’s modeling musician Ebhoni dropped straight mind-science on this mixtape, released independently. From vibey production to glowing vocals the project was intended to induce deep thought and Kanye-shrug responses to any element deemed outside of one’s control. Any true bong embracer is bumping this while campaigning for Ebhoni’s follow-up. Standout tracks include “Rep It,” Rotation,” and “Wilshire & Bixel.”

More info: Ebhoni Instagram; Good Dick & Weed on Spotify

5. Kommunity Service by Mozzy & YG (Mozzy Records/4Hunnid Records/EMPIRE)

Kommunity Service by Mozzy & YG

Bee Dawgs are in abundance in Compton and Sac-Town so it’s no surprise that YG and Mozzy would team up to bust out beats laced with real talk, for those picking stems and seeds from dispensary dime baggies. From the project’s lead single “Bompton to Oak Park” it’s clear that if you, weed, and the streets have a symbiotic relationship this album was engineered to fill your ears with Bic lighter rhymes. Standout tracks include “Perfect Timing” with Blxst, “Dangerous” with G Herbo, and “Drop a Location” with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

More info: Mozzy Instagram; YG Instagram; Kommunity Service on Spotify

4. Faith by Pop Smoke (Victor Victor/Republic)

Faith by Pop Smoke

He was on his way to becoming one of his generation’s signature moment makers. With a Canarsie pedigree, cannabis ready beats, and better-now-than-never bars, the Brooklyn native faced an untimely demise just as the world was beginning to recognize his talent. Pop Smoke’s second studio album “Faith,” also released posthumously as was his first, is a smoker’s dream. Standout tracks include “8-Ball” with Kid Cudi, “Coupe,” and “Brush Em” with Rah Swish.”

More info: Pop Smoke Instagram; Faith on Spotify

3. Gotti by Berner (Bern One Entertainment)

Gotti by Berner

One of the year’s most anticipated albums, the Bay Area’s very own Berner delivered what is arguably his magnum opus with the high concept “Gotti,” perhaps his illest offering since 2016’s Hempire. The Cali cannabis trade market aficionado delivers the soundtrack to the life of dedicated bong boys and grower girls worldwide. Standout tracks include “Draped Up” with Future, “Zoning” with Ryn Nicole, and “Pac Vibes” with Cozmo.

More info: Berner Instagram; Gotti on Spotify

2. Snoop Dogg Presents Algorithm by Snoop Dogg (Doggystyle/Def Jam)

Snoop Dogg Presents Algorithm by Snoop Dogg

The crowned king of marijuana lifestyle ambassadorship since his Dr. Dre assisted entrance into the game, Snoop Dogg and his top-shelf songs have forever celebrated smoking good. The Doggfather’s latest offering is no exception, and he sought assistance from a number of his mic toting homies including Fabolous, Meth & Red, and Usher. Standout tracks include “Qualified” with Larry June and October London, “Make It Last” with Nefertitti Avani, and “Get My Money” with Prohoezak.

More info: Snoop Dogg Instagram; Alogrithm on Spotify

1. Tell You Somethin by B-Real x Scott Storch (eOne)

Tell You Somethin’ by B-Real x Scott Storch

West coast rap icon B-Real and super-producer Scott Storch linked up for this collaboration. What at first glance appeared to be an incongruent combination of diametrically opposed mindsets ended up being the year’s dopest dynamic duo of rolling paper rhymes set to fire with seedless beats. Standout tracks include “Mother Mary” with DJ Paul, “Bad Day” with Krayzie Bone, and “Number 9” with Berner. But the whole shit slaps so slap it right back.

More info: B-Real Instagram; Scott Storch Instagram; Tell You Somethin on Spotify

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Honorable Mentions

A top ten just doesn’t capture all the THC-laden sounds of this past year. Here’s who fills out the rest of our list this year, in no particular order: 

Visit Hollyweed’s Top 10 Weed Albums of 2021 Spotify Playlist

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