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LA’s Sunset Strip Gets First Dispensary Urbn Leaf

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Last week Urbn Leaf opened in the heart of West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, targeting the elite of LA’s Hollywood Hills neighborhood.

To kick off Grammy weekend and to celebrate the opening of the first adult-use cannabis retail store on the Sunset Strip, Urbn Leaf opened its doors to the public on Friday, February 3, 2023.

A line of eager attendees stretching down Sunset Boulevard formed before the event started at noon, who were greeted by excited Urbn Leaf team members. As guests entered the store, they were welcomed by Pink Dot owner and Urbn Leaf partner Sol Yamini, and StateHouse Holdings Head of Marketing Angela Pih.

Representatives from Urbn Leaf West Hollywood’s brand partners including Source Cannabis, Jeeters, Kurvana, Lowell Herb, Co., Auntie Aloha, Oiu’d Confections, Tough Mama, A Golden State, Wox, and many more, provided on-site informational brand activations throughout the event. Music was provided by popular Hollywood Nightlife DJ’s Mikey Danger and DJ Bad. The first 300 guests received goodie bags with purchases of $50 and over, featuring a variety of merch from California’s top brands for just $1, which quickly sold out as more than 400 guests flowed in and out of the store throughout the event.

The dispensary is the work of multi-state operator StateHouse, a vertically integrated, tier-one company that claims to “maximize returns at every stage of the cannabis value chain.” The firm was created through the merger of four of California’s pioneering cannabis companies: Harborside, Loudpack, Urbn Leaf and Sublime. The name StateHouse reflects the shared history of the four companies, from the early days of cannabis activism and advocacy in California to the establishment of a recreational enterprise.

With what they say is a highly curated selection of flower, pre-rolls, edibles, and accessories, Urbn Leaf, a division of the StateHouse Holdings multi-state operator corporation, “brings their reputation for elevated presentation and selection to a marquee address in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world,” a statement reads.

The 2,500 square foot free-standing store is located on the main thoroughfare of one of the world’s most legendary hospitality and entertainment strips. Reflecting the halo of neon lights of the Strip, 12 foot tall glass doors lead shoppers to a top-notch presentation featuring a broad-spectrum of leading familiar and hype brands from across the weed nation including Kingpen, Fuzzies and Sublime.

The modern decor with marble-lined walls and wood shelves brings customers into a fresh and familiar environment while LED screens keep education at the forefront of the experience. With the same polish of chic boutiques that are their prestigious neighbors, the Sunset Strip location is a showcase space of Urbn Leaf’s reputation for excellent customer service built from comfortable retail spaces and knowledgeable staff that they claim “evokes inquiry, discovery and conversation.”

With Yamini as a partner who’s known for being the first to deliver alcohol to the Hills, Urbn Leaf will be leveraging the expertise of an established partner. His long history servicing the Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood, and surrounding areas “will allow quality cannabis to be delivered efficiently by the Sunset Strip flagship.”

“We are thrilled to open the doors to our Urbn Leaf WeHo dispensary and serve the people of West Hollywood,” said Ed Schmults, Chief Executive Officer of StateHouse. “Urbn Leaf WeHo is our 14th dispensary in California and 15th on the West Coast. We continue to expand our presence and to consolidate the state’s highly fragmented cannabis industry, thanks to the hard work of our retail, production, and distribution teams. We are proud of what we have accomplished together thus far and are excited to begin the year with this positive development.”

Late last year, Urbn Leaf Sunset Strip was welcomed to the neighborhood by the WEHO Chamber of Commerce and West Hollywood Mayor Lauren Meister during an official ribbon cutting ceremony. January 18th marked the official opening of the location.

Ed Schmults of Statehouse.

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