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Visit Hollyweed Announces Print Newspaper Edition for 4/20

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Local community news site Visit Hollyweed will soon be a print newspaper, distributed by the thousands all throughout LA County. Founding Editor Dan Wilson says that the 4/20 Special Edition Print Newspaper, to be released April 1st, will be an opportunity to reach local readers leading up to the national weed holiday April 20, 2023.

Visit Hollyweed launched on 4/20 of 2020. It was founded to document and record the people, plant, and culture of weed in California.

“Going to print has always been part of the plan,” Wilson said. Since its founding two years ago, Visit Hollyweed has been an online-only publication, but Wilson said that he has long envisioned the opportunity to do a print version of the paper.

“We want to be out there, locally, in LA. We want to be at street-level, in the community,” Wilson said. “This print edition will allow us to do that in a way that the website does not,” he said.

We want to be out there, locally, in LA. We want to be at street-level, in the community. This print edition will allow us to do that in a way that the website does not.

-Dan Wilson, Visit Hollyweed

The 4/20 Print Edition will feature dozens of articles and original photos from Visit Hollyweed Editor Dan Wilson.

The paper will highlight some of the best and most interesting weed brands and dispensaries in Los Angeles, many familiar to Visit Hollyweed readers. It will also feature general interest, informative articles about how to shop for and buy weed, what strains are most popular, and the history of cannabis in California.

In this issue, the first print edition will also highlight women in the cannabis industry.

There will also be some celebrity appearances in the print edition.

“We’re going all-out to create a single print of Visit Hollyweed that showcases the best of what we do— covering the local cannabis scene from an LA perspective,” Wilson said.

The paper provides a unique opportunity for brands and dispensaries to advertise to the public, something that is hard to do with so many strict rules and regulation around advertising weed.

Wilson says that his goal is to sell out the ad space by the end of January, which will fund the printing and distribution of the paper.

“We’re already getting an amazing response from the community, and ad sales are going great,” Wilson said.

Wilson encourages everyone in the industry that has been featured on VisitHollyweed.com to take out an ad and support the print edition before space runs out.

“We’re only 52 pages long, so there are only so many ad spots available,” Wilson said.

Ads will be sold during January, with all ad artwork being submitted by February 15th.

Ad designs may optionally be done by Sticker Farmer.

The 4/20 print edition will begin distribution on April 1st and will be distributed at over 100 locations throughout LA in the weeks leading up to 4/20, during a time when there is a mass “general interest” in the topic of weed in preparation for the holiday.

Wilson poses with Fidel, whose brand will be featured in an article in the 4/20 print edition.

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