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New Social Equity Dispensary Wyllow Brings a Fresh Approach to Selling Weed

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A new dispensary named Wyllow has opened in the South Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles, which features a unique design that may appeal to people new to shopping for weed. 

Wyllow features a sumptuous, stylish interior designed by Singapore-based design studio Space Objekt. Colored lines of neon lights traverse the space and are reflected in colored mirrors on every wall. The otherwise small room seems futuristic and appears to extend in all directions. 

The dispensary is the work of LA Social Equity license holder Camille Roistacher, who says she’s been working on opening the store for years. 

“This has been a lengthy process, years in the making. We’re really proud we were able to open on 4/20,” Roistacher said.

Wyllow has already been established as a brand of cannabis flower that launched in 2020. It is carried by dispensaries throughout the city. 

With Wyllow the dispensary, consumers have a chance to talk, explore, and learn. 

As for creating a company that is both a cannabis brand and a shop, Roistacher said “It’s always been the plan.”

She started by launching the brand of flower during coronavirus. Now, she says, the brand includes an in-person aspect. 

“People who have gotten to experience our brand at home or with friends now get to come in and experience Wyllow in person, which is very exciting,” Roistacher said. 

The branding of Wyllow, both for its flower and for its dispensary, have an appeal to a new kind of consumer, and is especially women-friendly. 

The flower brand is all about unique strains that come from rare, legacy genetics.

“We focus on rare cultivars. Both men and women love to enjoy rare cultivars,” Roistacher said, adding that “we’re definitely a woman-leaning brand.”

The product offering is also unique. So far, Wyllow has worked with collaborative projects that promote Social Equity, Black-owned, Women-owned, and POC-owned brands and business owners. 

“We want to be leaders and champions for entrepreneurs in our community,” Roistacher said. To that end, she said, Wyllow features brands that come from the Social Equity and minority-owned business community.  

“A big focus in our dispensary is to create shelf space for Black- and POC-owned brands so that they have the opportunity to get their brand off the ground,” Roistacher said. 

“We’ve curated a menu that I think is really unique in the industry,” she said.

Wyllow is at 2622 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles and is open every day until 10:00pm. See their website and @visitwyllow and @shopwyllow on Instagram.

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