Visit Hollyweed is the only community newspaper that covers the California cannabis community exclusively. We are mission driven as articulated in Visit Hollyweed‘s Mission Statement.

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Why Visit Hollyweed? 
Visit Hollyweed is a community-funded online newspaper published by Dan Wilson. Wilson is committed to using this newspaper to create a platform and a community specifically for Californians and visitors to the state who take part in weed consumption and culture. 

Visit Hollyweed was started in 2020 to explore the strains and brands on the recreational weed market of California.

Visit Hollyweed reports on new strains, innovative brands, and news and information relevant to the California weed community.

We are the only news and information resource on the web that is exclusively for the California weed community.

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Our mission and values as a journalistic outlet are as follows:

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The official Visit Hollyweed Mission Statement details our foundational goals and approach.

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