Marijuana leaves growing.
Marijuana leaves growing.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Visit Hollyweed does not sell advertising at this time. We rely on the community to fund us so that we can cover the news of California cannabis.

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How can you particpate? 
We are small, young, and scrappy. Please help us to grow and to create a community space that is for all members of the California weed community. 

We do not currently have a funding model, and we are self-funded. We would like to grow into a newspaper that is supported by the community without charging for ads.

Instead, we are asking for monthly sponsorship using the money-raising platform Patreon
Patreon is designed for people to support artists and creatives by signing up for a monthly fee. 

For each month that your brand/company is enrolled at the top tier, you will be listed on the site as a Sponsor at our page

Presently, monthly sponsorships support the site in the following ways: 

  • website hosting and server bandwidth 
  • security and technical upgrades to the site
  • coding and development work to add new features for advertisers to the site. 
  • a sustainable monthly income stream to support the site so that it is stable and secure

Sponsorship money will not go toward salaries or content creators at this time. 

Sponsorship Levels 

  • Champion – $3/month 
  • Supporter – $25/month
  • Sponsor – $125/month 

We are using the platform Patreon to accept payments for Sponsorships because it allows your personal payment information to be kept private. Only Patreon sees your payment information, not Visit Hollyweed. We only see the name and amount. 

Patreon was designed for fans to support creatives, allowing creative content producers who publish their content for free to have a revenue stream. 

Instead of buying a product or service, Patreon supporters can simply make a monthly donation to support a creator’s ongoing work. 

Since Visit Hollyweed is small and self-funded, and since there are many restrictions on Cannabis advertising in the state of California, we are using Patreon to get buy-in and support directly from the California Cannabis Community. 

This way, all of our content, including content that promotes weed brands and products, is free to produce and free for readers to consume. In other words, we don’t at this time charge directly for advertising. 

Please support Visit Hollyweed by signing up at! We are sincerely grateful to the community for their support of our work!

Attention Cannabis Marketing Pros: Get FREE Publicity on

Visit Hollyweed is California’s only online community newspaper dedicated to the cannabis community of our state.

We cover the industry, the culture, the politics, and the history of cannabis in California.

We also offer resources for consumers and the public to do their own research on brands, strains, products, and dispensaries.

Any time a news story on mentions your company or brand, highlights one of your employees, or reviews one of your products, your brand page on our site gets a “boost” in Google (we rank highly). Members of the public searching for information about you or your products will more easily find information and connect with you on a personal, emotional level when they read about you on

The best part is: it’s free!

All we ask is for your participation. Our mission and values as a journalistic outlet are as follows:

  • To report fairly and accurately: to give specific facts rather than subjective opinions, to consult a variety of sources for a balanced viewpoint, to cite sources of information for integrity.
  • To encourage openness and transparency when it comes to data and information about the regulated cannabis market in California; to publish information offered by members of the community in a centrally organized location.
  • To highlight, promote, and encourage the cannabis industry and cannabis culture in California. To promote California cannabis as the best in the world; to describe and track what’s happening each day in California, the largest regulated cannabis market in the world.
  • To tell the story and capture the memories of Californians who were impacted by decades of marijuana prohibition and especially the War on Drugs. To create a repository of community memories. To acknowledge and give due respect to the right of the community to tell its own history and to take ownership of California cannabis culture past and present.
  • To use a community newspaper as a method for community building and to create a social infrastructure for the California cannabis community as a whole. To foster communication, dialogue, and storytelling amongst the diverse members of the California cannabis community.
  • To provide information resources to Californians to understand the history of cannabis in California, to learn about the health and wellness effects of cannabis, to look up local laws and regulations, and to learn about the application processes for starting a cannabis business.

Marketers, Media Contacts, and Business Owners!! Please keep in regular touch with Editor “Budtender Dan” (Dan Wilson) and make Visit Hollyweed your community newspaper!

To submit story ideas and announcements, email at any time! We’re happy to take suggestions, and we’re grateful for your time.

To get in touch with Budtender Dan personally, email I’m available to do a video conference call with you and your team.

Send us story ideas and options:

Note: we only cover California cannabis. We are always in search of strong California connections. Please always frame your suggestions in terms of California cannabis. The more specific/local, the better!

  • How is your company advancing justice and equity in cannabis?
  • How did the War on Drugs impact people and local communities? Can anyone from your company speak to this from their own experience?
  • Newly developed strains (with full descriptions and effects)
  • New product launches/innovations
  • Partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, investments, expansions, legal filings
  • Anonymous reports
  • TIP-Offer us your experts, especially if they have ties to the history of cannabis in California. Examples: “Interview our master grower and discuss his background.” “Interview our new head of Social Equity and discuss her past research.” “Interview one of our admin assistants, whose father was incarcerated due to selling cannabis during the War on Drugs.”
  • TIP-Offer us the option to learn all about your genetics: “Our most popular strain and its history.” “Several Heirloom Strains Available in California.”
  • Local news: your city, your county, your neighborhood (laws, enforcement, licensing, growth, issues). What are you concerned about as a company? What is your local community concerned about?
  • Law enforcement and State Licensing Enforcement – descriptions fair or unfair application of Enforcement.
  • Submit to our weekly list of new releases, the “Thursday Drop List”
  • Read our paper yourself each week and follow the news about your community! Reach out to us regularly to check in or give us information! Share stories, like stories on social media, and spread the word about Visit Hollyweed.

What we seek (ongoing):

Note: we only cover California cannabis. We are always in search of strong California connections. Please always frame your suggestions in terms of California cannabis. The more specific/local, the better!

  • Announcements, time-sensitive news and info, new product/strain releases
  • Dispensaries: new openings; profiles of favorite established dispensaries; dispensary history
  • Brands: brand profiles (new or established), strains, newly released strains, popular strains, effects, history/background, growing, terpenes
  • People: human interest stories, profiles, history/culture of weed in California, established members of the cannabis industry, BIPOC in cannabis
  • Politics and Activism: Cannabis regulations and laws, advocacy for cannabis law reform/updates, activism for new cannabis locations in California, pro-cannabis politicians, industry advocacy organizations
  • Social Justice, Race, Criminal Justice: Social Equity cannabis businesses (profiles, news, reviews), Cannabis Social Equity organizations and advocacy; Social Equity programs/actions by industry leaders; People of Color in Cannabis; Communities disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs (profiles, news, history).
  • Events: future events with a specific time and location can be listed on a calendar and covered as news.
  • Ties to local regions: we cover the connection between industry and local regions.
  • Ties to historical communities: Mexican-American communities in California and/or to the country of Mexico; California cannabis ties to Native Indigenous populations, culture, and language of present-day California and Western Mexico. Inclusive of immigrant and nomadic peoples; California cannabis ties to Black American, Black Carribean, and Black African populations and cultures; California cannabis ties to Holland, past and present; California cannabis ties to Turkish and Middle Eastern Americans, historically and present.

Visit Hollyweed Coverage Priorities:

  • People: the human beings behind California cannabis. The people that make up the community as a whole and the communities in each region of CA.
  • Strains and Products that are available on the market. Information for consumers.
  • Brands and Dispensaries that are operating legally: who to support and why. Information for consumers.
  • Social Justice and Equity in California Cannabis
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • The history of Marijuana Prohibition in California; the long-term impacts of the War on Drugs
  • Current actions related to politics and advocacy.
  • Laws, Regulation, State and Federal Prohibitions, Legality.
  • Political Coalition Building: politicians who are pro cannabis community
  • Small businesses, startups
  • The “Gray” Market – unlicensed cannabis activity (protected sources)
  • Giving voice to [cannabis related] historically targeted groups in California.
  • Locating and highlighting lost histories, suppressed information, and previously silenced perspectives.