Visit Hollyweed is an online community newspaper at The mission of Visit Hollyweed is to build a weed-specific news and information resource that is free and open to the California cannabis community and all Californians who are interested in the topic of cannabis.

We are driven by a mission to correct misinformation from past decades in California that described the weed community as made up of people who were criminals, drug addicts, social outsiders, and people to be feared or locked up.

We celebrate all of those who were either marginalized or who proudly identified with those outsiders across those decades.

We acknowledge with pride the contributions of weed cultivators and distributors throughout the period of prohibition, who made California weed the worldwide phenomenon and culture that it is today. We decry that those individuals suffered from the War on Drugs.

We now know that much of the negative perception of cannabis comes from past political pressures that were motivated by racial and ethnic bias. We wish to look at both the present but also the past to recover some of the stories, history, culture, and lost knowledge of the communities who participated in the weed community in California.

Visit Hollyweed is on a mission to create a news and information platform for the community to use and participate in.

Our news and information coverage focuses exclusively on California cannabis, which we insist is “the best weed in the world.”

Visit Hollyweed editors keep abreast of issues related to politics, policy, regulations, and legal reform in the state of California and report updates to the weed community.

We seek out sources in the community and engage with them to produce culturally-relevant and inclusive content that emphasizes the contributions of the many who suffered during prohibition.

Visit Hollyweed‘s mission to provide a free and open news and information resource for the California weed community is based on our belief that information access is a social justice issue and is crucial to the just performance of democracy in the state of California. We feel that state officials have much more to do to correct and atone for misinformation around cannabis, and we are taking the lead in making that happen.

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Sponsorship Policy

Visit Hollyweed is a community-funded online information resource for the California weed community.

Visit Hollyweed truly appreciates the support of the community, and strives to be a good steward of community funding by investing in information access, education, and job training related to California cannabis.

In accordance with our mission and values, Visit Hollyweed uses funds contributed by sponsors to create a community hub of news and information based on the principle that community newspapers are an important part of the social infrastructure of California. We conduct targeted outreach to diverse sectors of the California cannabis community to be inclusive of a broad range of perspectives and backgrounds. As part of our mission, we seek to use sound journalistic standards and practices to answer the pressing information needs of the California cannabis community.

As part of our mission to empower Californians through information resources and education, Visit Hollyweed uses sponsor funds to collect, edit, analyze, organize, and present publicly available information about cannabis in California.

In particular, Visit Hollyweed publishes free resources to serve the information needs of individuals and entities that qualify as Social Equity candidates throughout the state of California.

Visit Hollyweed uses funds to conduct outreach and training to California Public Librarians who work in neighborhoods that were impacted by the War on Drugs.

None of our news or information coverage of any entity is influenced by their status as a site sponsor. Site sponsors are not guaranteed anything by the site in exchange for their sponsorship, nor should sponsors expect to influence any editorial decisions.