INSANE is the merchandise and clothing brand of B-Real from Cypress Hill. There is also INSANE OG, which is an indica dominant hybrid  cannabis strain that is a heavy hitter in terms of THC content and the physical effects. It is an exclusive strain offered to legal dispensaries under the banner of Dr. Greenthumb cannabis products but with the Insane OG label. It is said that the name of the strain comes from the hit Cypress Hill song, “Insane in the Brain.’  It is also the name of a Cypress Hill song, from the band’s 2018 album, Elephants on Acid. The strain of cannabis itself, Insane OG is a crossing between the famously potent and flavorful OG Kush, Grandaddy Purple, and  the skunky, dense  Bubba Kush. It is known for its high potency. Users mostly report very intense body high and euphoria;  and the INSANE OG buds have a sweet, fruity,  skunky, aromatic taste. Insane OG can be used for people who suffer from nausea due to chemotherapy or AIDS, and it also is found to  work well for appetite loss, and pain of all types.  It is said to have on average 22% THC, while some have reported it to have a 25% THC level, with a total of 29 % cannabinoids.  In any case, the strain Insane OG is known for its calming, relaxing effects. Insane OG is available at most legal cannabis dispensaries in California, and throughout the West Coast, in states where cannabis retail is legal.

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