Wonderbrett  is a cultivation facility, and seed bank with a specialty  in breeding exclusive genetic strains of cannabis. It is based in Long Beach, CAlifornia and is  one of the most unique and creative cultivation companies in the state. The company’s vision and mission statement is founded upon a dedication to innovation and consistency when it comes to cultivating the highest quality cannabis. This produces flowers that are intense and full of terpenes, flavors and a high THC content.

The state of the art facility at Wonderbrett is custom designed to produce clean and safe cannabis flowers. With techniques acquired from  combined decades of growing experience, the cultivation site has a specialty  advanced technological irrigation system which allows the cannabis plants to thrive. Wonderbrett uses  numerous proprietary indoor hydroponics systems as a method to cultivate cannabis.

Wonderbrett was founded by Brett, who in the late 1990s introduced the now mythically renowned strain, OG Kush. Since then, his OG Kush made its way to the masses, first in California then around the county and even globe.

Hip Hop artists during the time loved Bret’s OG Kush, and  he even had an OG Kush Studio where artists such as Dr. Dre,  Eminen, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit and more recorded. Today, Wonderbrett offers its finest flowers, concentrates such as live resin, and edible fruit chews. Wonderbretts main retail location is in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles, on La Brea. Wonderbrett products can be ordered online, or can be found in legal cannabis retail shops throughout California.

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