When you Visit Hollyweed, you arrive in a land filled with the sweet smell of cannabis smoke wafting throughout the air. Weed is bountiful. But how do you find it? 

This guidebook will help you find your way around Los Angeles to the best spots for premium Cali bud. 

The way this book orders the city prioritizes communities that historically took part in the culture, genetics, and distribution of weed. Those communities were hit hard by the War on Drugs in the 80s and 90s. Now, many of those neighborhoods are recovering and experiencing growth and a new way to build a local economy through the cannabis industry. We start our journey, therefore, in South Central Los Angeles. 

When you walk the streets of Hollyweed, you are encouraged to support the dispensaries that existed prior to the legalization of weed in 2016 and/or that exist in neighborhoods disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs. Why? Because they’re where true Los Angeles weed culture exists and comes from. 

Now don’t get me wrong, this shit has gone mainstream. You’ll find futuristic, high-end weed stores in some of the most popular, wealthy, and touristy parts of town. Check them out, too. The selection is insane. It’s a spectacle to boot. 

But this guidebook isn’t for tourists. It’s for locals who want to explore Hollyweed by puffing on that fine So Cal weed that makes the city so famous. 

It’s for those in the industry who want to document this weed dispensary culture that has sprung up in the past few years, knowing that it will grow and change in the coming years. 

This guidebook is free online. But the book version is something special. It was designed and printed in Los Angeles. It includes custom maps and illustrations that you can’t get online. And it was made and printed as a limited-edition collectible published specifically for 4/20. 

It’s likely that other, expanded editions will follow in print runs that are much larger. This first edition, then, is just the beginning. 

Happy 4/20, a day when Californians historically advocated for the legalization of weed. A day that, in the present, we celebrate as a California weed holiday. 

Light one up for the occasion. Check out a dispensary or two in a part of town you haven’t visited before. Try something new. Visit Hollyweed. 

This guidebook is dedicated to the plant, the people, the community of California weed. To the pioneers and the underdogs and the outlaws who kept the plant and culture growing despite all the efforts to extinguish it. Your time has come. We celebrate you. 

This is Hollyweed. Enjoy your stay.