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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast, is a weekly Podcast  named after the classic hit song, ‘Dr. Greenthumb,’ from the  1998  Cypress Hill album,IV. The Dr. Greenthumb podcast has over 400 episodes, and covers  the cannabis lifestyle and how the cannabis  culture   often intersects with current events, politics, celebrities, movies, art, music, food and more.  It is often hosted by B-Real and produced by his skilled  team of studio engineers, DJs and more.  The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast is available on many platforms including Apple Music, Podcast One and even Spotify.  

As part of B-Real’s Breal.tv and on its own, the Dr. Greenthumb Podcasts have become  an interactive  audio visual and online cannabis community for artists, cannabis users, connoisseurs, cultivators, musicians, artists, cannabis chefs, entrepreneurs, and fans of the plant and lifestyle all come together, using the website or social media platforms.

The Podcast is often just smokin and hanging out with Bobo, DJ Muggs,  sometimes Sen Dog, and B-Real, with  the entire crew. The show just covers various topics and current events including movies, music, and more. But the show does also cover cannabis culture including laws, politics and horticulture as well as the culinary aspect of cannabis like edibles and raw products. 

The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast has interviewed everyone from Kevin Smith, Adam Carola, Chuck D. Too $Short, DJ Yella, and many more artists, rappers, cannabis activists, actors, podcasters, comedians and more.  Co-Hosts of the Dr. GReenthumb Podcast includE EZone,  and DJ C-Minus.  

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