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Dr. Greenthumb Podcast Renamed “Show” During Milestone 420 Episode

On January 14, 2022 the Dr. Greenthumb Podcast filmed its 420th episode, which streamed live on Youtube. The milestone represented just how far the show has come since it debuted on January 15, 2020, almost exactly two years ago.

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During milestone episode #420, Dr. Greenthumb himself, B Real, announced that the show would now be called the Dr. Greenthumb Show instead of the Dr. Greenthumb Podcast. The episode had over 22,000 views within a week of being posted.

The name change represented that the podcast had outgrown its genre and functioned much more like a daily weed-centric talk show.

Back in 2020, the podcast was just one of several programs on BREALTV, B Real’s video content production company based in Los Angeles, which boasts over 75,000 subscribers. The podcast, in fact, was preceded by a series called the Dr. Greenthumb Show, but later took on a podcast format in which discussion topics were open, and the length of the recording was at least an hour.

Dr. Greenthumb is a character B Real developed as part of Cypress Hill in 1998. It is now also the name of B Real’s chain of weed dispensaries in California.

From this day forward let it be known that the Dr. Greenthumb Podcast is now the Dr. Greenthumb Show.

B Real, on Episode #420 of the Dr. Greenthumb Podcast, announcing the. name change

The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast quickly evolved over the years to become something more than just a podcast. The show is filmed live five days a week. Across its 420 episodes, numerous special guests have joined to have deep-dive conversations about weed, music, pop culture, California, sports, gaming, and any other topic that comes up in the hosts’ day-to-day.

Some guests became regulars, and then joined the cast semi-permanently as co-hosts. Fans watched as the show’s hosts took dab hits on their in-room Stündenglass gravity bong and heard many stories over the years of The Excalibur, an 8-foot glass bong that Cypress Hill toured with. During each episode, stories told over joints and drinks often cover the past 30 years in music, culture, and weed.

Men sit at a table smoking weed.
C-Minus and B Real host the live show daily. Formerly called a podcast, the Dr. Greenthumb Show is recorded in BREALTV studios and often features guests like Eric Bobo, Cali Blaise, and Stef of the Deftones, pictured here on episode #420, January 14, 2022.

Regular viewers have gotten to know the hosts, co-hosts, frequent guests, and the film crew. There’s running commentary and insider jokes that happen across episodes that fans enjoy being a part of.

The show’s crew, which dubbed themselves the DGT Mafia, include original founders B Real, Ezone and Christopher Rivas, aka DJ C-Minus, as well as recurring co-hosts Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill, Blaise “Cali Blaise” Lugo, and Stef Carpenter of Deftones.

The crew who runs the show behind the scenes also make regular appearances, including Eitan, Kiero, and Colton.

The show broadcasts live on Youtube five days a week and includes an interactive element as fans comment and react live through chat room on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Regulars who join the live chat are part of the “Insane Asylum,” in reference to B Real’s brand and song “Insane.”

During episode #420, B Real officially announced a name change to the podcast. After debating live with the rest of the hosts and after polling the chat room, the decision was made on air to change the name of the show to The Dr. Greenthumb Show from The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast.

I’ve been realizing that this is not like a regular podcast. This is not pre-filmed, it’s not once a week, once a month, this shit is live five days a week. It’s like a show. …Going back to Show would be going back to our roots.

BREAL, on Episode #420 of the Dr. Greenthumb Show

During the episode, B Real explained that it occurred to him that calling it a podcast didn’t really capture the full extent of the project.

“Going back to Show would be going back to our roots because the first things we were putting out when we changed it from the 420 show was the Dr. Greenthumb Show, before we created the podcast,” B Real said on the episode. 

“And I’ve been realizing that this is not like a regular podcast. This is not pre-filmed, it’s not once a week, once a month, this shit is live five days a week. It’s like a show,” B-Real said. “It’s more of a show than the one we were calling a show,” he said.

Co-host Eric Bobo agreed. “The podcast thing, it’s cool, it’s great, but this works like a show.”

Original founding host DJ C-Minus noted that he was emotionally attached to the original concept but couldn’t deny that the format had changed.

“I’m attached to the podcast thing because it is what we started out as almost three years ago, but as far as what we’ve become since then I think show works best,” C-Minus said on the episode.

Man speaks into microphone.
C-Minus, one of the original founders of the podcast, on the Dr. Greenthunb Show episode #420, January 14, 2022.

Dr. Greenthumb himself, B Real, made it official live on air that the show would be renamed.

“From this day forward let it be known that the Dr. Greenthumb Podcast is now the Dr. Greenthumb Show,” B Real declared.

While some lamented the change, fans in the Insane Asylum that episode were mostly in support. In the chat, viewer Hector Montiel wrote, “Either way show or podcast we are all faithfuls. We tune in cause we love it @brealtv.”

The Dr. Greenthumb Show is posted live five days a week on BREALTV’s Youtube Channel.

The audio version will still be called the Dr. Greenthumb Podcast, which is available on Spotify, Apple, and Podcastone.

Visit Breal.tv and DGT Worldwide for more information.

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