Building with a line of people in front.
Locals line up to check out the Ten Co. Store, a weed dispensary in Perris, California, January 10, 2022.

The grand opening of The Store took place in Perris, California on January 10, 2022. Over a hundred people showed up for the evening event to get special drops, gift bags, and their first view at the stylish new spot.

The official store of UK brand The Ten Co. has been a long time coming, and the opening event featured plenty of appearances by well-known cannabis insiders. Doja Pak made an appearance, as did the Runtz crew in support of The Ten Co. dropping their collab strain Ten Ten Runtz.

Doja Pak visits The Ten Co. Store in Perris, California for their January 10th opening event.

The is a well-respected popular underground brand best known for their Zushi strains. The brand launched on the regulated market this past year with a drop of their flower and prerolls at Cookies Melrose. They also took honors at this past year’s Zalympics by Green Wolf.

With the opening of their dispensary location, their products are now finally consistently available for sale on the regulated market.

Wonderbrett’s “First Smoke of the Day” podcast recently interviewed The Ten Co. founder Staks, who they describe as, “this is the Zushi Wave maker, and all around great businessman. One hundred percent respected by peers and innovator supreme.”

Blue Zushi, Yellow Zushi, Zoy, WaZabi, and Levels are some of the strains made famous by The Ten Co.

Exclusive 1/8 mylar bags for each Zushi strain are on display at The Ten Co. Store in Perris, California. January 10, 2022.

Staks told Jimi Devine of LA Weekly that the dispensary is just one part of the new operation, the other being cultivation. Still, the brand plans to stay true to their small batch, exclusive branding.

“I’m trying to keep it as limited as possible,” Staks told Devine. “I’m not really trying to blow up the big, big places with Zushi. I already have that in all my other [grow] rooms. And as much as I want to scale up, I don’t want to do it that way.”

The dispensary and packaging of the products reflects a new approach to branding featuring Zushi characters.

The interior of The Ten Co. Store in Perris, California, featuring their Zushi characters.

Staks described the branding to Devine as a “not-so-childish Pokemon approach, where you have to catch them all – it’s got that kind of vibe to it.”

The Ten Co. Store is a weed dispensary located at 480 Harley Knox Blvd Perris, California US 92571. It is open from 10:30am to 6:00pm daily. Check out The Ten Co. website, The Ten Co. Store Instagram, and The Ten Co. Store on Weedmaps.