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Baby Yungin and High Class drop Baby Bag

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Dallas’s Baby Yungin moved to LA a few years ago after the success of his first album release when he was only a teenager. Now at 21, Baby Yungin will soon release his fourth album, Youngest in Charge, along with a weed strain called Baby Bag.

An event in late December of last year was held to launch the strain and preview the new album.

Baby Yungin’s style is hip-hop melodic, and he’s got a great voice with some hot beats. A first generation Mexican-American, he’s forging his own path by releasing music independently. And being a heavy weed consumer, he sought to pursue a new avenue of business by getting into the weed game.

“Entrepreneurship. Weed is the new way. Weed is going to be legalized everywhere soon enough. Get in to it,” he explained.

He’s off to a great start. Baby Bag has definitely got the genetics: it’s a Jealousy x London Pound Cake 75 produced in collaboration with High Class, who works with Santa Cruz’s Surf’s Up to cultivate genetics and grow top-shelf weed.

According to breeder-cultivator Surf’s Up, who produces for High Class, “It’s got a real distinct Gelato, London, Sherb flavor to it. It smells just like that, it’s a classic Gelato, sweet but gassy, a little epoxy smell in there,” Surf’s Up said.

It’s a strong strain, which is why they chose it.

“It has a lot more power, it has power to it. Baby Yungin chose that one because man he’s a smoker, he likes to smoke. And that one has the power for him,” Surf’s Up said.

For Austin of High Class, the partnership was a chance to continue to grow the relatively new brand.

“We’re targeting the high end consumer market with unique genetics that are similar to what people like already but we’re bringing a different twist to everything,” Austin says, about what makes High Class unique.

“Making these connections with other people is the most important thing in this game,” Austin said. Not only does he work with Surf’s Up, who he met at last year’s Doja RS-11 clone drop, but he partnered with Baby Yungin for a strain and partnered with brand B Eazy Buds to put on a launch event for the strain.

Working with Baby Yungin on this project, Austin said, made a lot of sense.

“We matched energy so well. He’s such a creative person, young minded person just like me,” Austin said. “We’ve been trying to just collaborate and push whatever we can. Our connection has allowed us to do our strain, it’s allowed us to premier his album, it’s really good for both of us.”

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