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The Vybe Event Series and Subscription Box Launches in LA

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Late in December The Vÿbe relaunched as a regular event in LA that brings together weed enthusiasts to check out new and innovative products while socializing and consuming.

Vÿbe is produced by three up and coming weed industry insiders. It was founded by Cliff Marleyy and Chaisson, both of whom have ties to the weed industry, and recently Leslie Jayy (aka the Cannabis Hottie) joined the team as Host. 

December’s kick-off event was intended to set the tone for a monthly event as well as to introduce the Vÿbe box, a curated monthly selection of weed products.

Vÿbe started before coronavirus hit as a way for people to get together and socialize around weed. Once coronavirus put a halt to in-person events, the team came up with the idea of a monthly subscription box that allows people to sample new products at a discount. Just recently, the brand relaunched as both a monthly in-person event and a subscription box. 

Each monthly Vÿbe event centers on a theme or celebration. Twice they have been birthday celebrations, but earlier incarnations have included things like Friendsgiving.

“The Vÿbe is for the people,” Marleyy said. “The idea of the Vÿbe is to provide what people need, the proper vibrations. Cannabis seems to help with that. The events having food and everything in the mix creates the vibe,” Marleyy said.

According to Chaisson, the box will be the feature piece of the events once it’s fully up and running.

Chaisson says that the network that Marleyy and Leslie Jayy have built in the cannabis industry has allowed them access to premium goods and cutting edge products.

“Their network has really broadened the horizon for what we even thought the Vÿbe could be,” Chaisson said. “The brands that are in this box are the best of the best brands that you get in the shops already but at a discounted price.”

The idea of the Vÿbe and the box is to make cannabis more accessible to everyday people.

“We’re about making people feel included and I think that’s what the box does, it makes people feel like they know what’s going on within the cannabis industry,” Chaisson said.

“They’re up to date with the new products. We’re getting wellness in there. We are getting different types of brands that are healthy. We’re making it more inclusive for everyone with this box,” Chaisson said.

Leslie Jayy, who runs her own cannabis merch brand called High Queen Society, says that she’s excited for the possibilities of the Vÿbe event.

The kick-off event in December was, she said, a chance to give back to the community. The community itself is the vibe, she says.

“Without the people who have helped us get to where we are today, there would be no event. We’re putting this on for the community,” Leslie Jayy said.

“We’re trying to be different, we’re trying to have things happen that people can actually go to. We want to be those people who put on these events for the community. I think that’s what’s most important,” she said.

“Everybody here literally has the vibe. The vibe that we want everyone to feel, the community,” Leslie Jayy said.

For Leslie Jayy, the brand is central to her own ethos.

“Whatever I’m doing or whatever I’m involved in it has to be about elevation and connecting and just being a whole vibe. This branding means so much to my heart,” she said.

The Vÿbe monthly gathering takes place at the end of each month. Follow on Instagram to learn more. Follow the founders @imcliffmarleyy and @chaisson_la as well as host @lesliejayy_. 

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