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Snoop Dogg





Snoop Dogg is one of the biggest names in rap music and cannabis, and he is known worldwide as a musical legend and cannabis ambassador, advocate, user and businessman. Snoop is recognized around the globe as a rapper superstar, but he is known as one of the first people to introduce the slang term Chronic, to refer to powerful, potent cannabis. This is also the name of the1992 album,  (The Chronic) released on Death Row Records by Dr. Dre, which Snoop used to catapult his musical career. 

Snoop Dogg has released a whopping 21 full length albums and has appeared on tons of others as a guest. He also has worked with the biggest names in the music industry and hip hop music, as well as dabbling in acting with numerous media appearances including in over 50 major Hollywood movies, and even more television programs over the decades,  such as Chappelle’s Show, Weeds, The Cleveland show, Trailer Park Boys and countless others. He also worked with Martha Stweart in the tv program, Martha and Snoop’s Potluck dinner, and even had his own reality tv series, called Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood, which ran from 2009-2007. Aside from his musical and acting career he is also known as a cannabis mogul in his own right. He has invested money into the cannabis delivery service in California known as EAZE, he launched the cannabis website and platform called Merry Jane, and also  partnered with Canopy Growth, to found Leafs By Snoop, a cannabis brand and company that offers potent Indica, Sativa and Hybrid cannabis flowers, in Canada.  Snoop Dogg has become so synonymous with cannabis that he has even had his own strain, Snoop Dogg OG.

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