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Power Players Doja Exclusive and Backpack Boyz Collab on Merch and Weed

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On Saturday, February 25th at the Backpack Boyz dispensary in Los Angeles, two powerhouse brands launched a collab that got the whole scene talking. Doja Exclusive and the Backpack Boyz teamed up officially to drop new limited edition merch plus a new weed strain. The two brands say that this is just the start.

At 10am Saturday an original backpack design featuring the logos of Doja and Backpack Boyz went on sale, and within a few hours sold out. The bags were designed and made by the Backpack Boyz (known for their stylish custom merch) in a limited quantity of 150, each of which was individually numbered. They drop also included a duffle bag, also in a limited numbered edition of 150, plus White and Black basic tees.

Doja Exclusive’s Ryan (aka Doja Pak) described it as “a collaboration between two legacy brands from the Northern California Prop 215 era.”

“This is the first collab of many,” Ryan said.

The big release also included a flower drop for the strain Candy Funk, which Ryan describes as “a Guava-Z cross sourced by the Backpack Boyz and QCed by us, put out today exclusively at the Backpack Boyz stores.”

Ryan and Juan from the Backpack Boyz are well known throughout California and the entire weed industry after over a decade coming up from small indie businesses in Nor Cal during the Medical Marijuana era to now commanding top prices on dispensary shelves and the clout and respect of a trusted legacy brand. Their shared background makes their brand collab a perfect fit.

I don’t think as far as in the industry—I say this humbly as I can—I don’t think it can get bigger.

-Juan Quesada, Backpack Boyz

For the backpacks, Ryan said it happened “in an organic fashion, letting them doing something that they’re already doing,” especially because the Backpack Boyz make better backpacks than anyone on the market.

“Our team was talking about making some backpacks and we decided that it wouldn’t be right for us to make the backpacks without having the Backpack Boyz design and make them for us,” Ryan said.

Even before the backpacks, Juan and Ryan knew they wanted to collab at some point.

“Me and Ryan been talking about working together,” Juan said. “We’ve been knowing what we can do. Everything just lined up and it was time,” Juan said.

For the collab strain Candy Funk, Juan said it was a great first start.

“We chose that one because we thought it was blowin and it had the presentation that we watned and it checked all the boxes that needed to be checked for right now. It’s just the first of many that we plan on doing,” Juan said.

More strains are coming. “Between us two, we’re still selecting some stuff. I have the breeding program going and I’m going to kick them down some stuff as well,” Ryan said.

“This isn’t something that we plan on stopping,” Juan said. “We plan on paving a blueprint in the sense of how two powerhouses should be working together,” Juan said. He said to expect “more backpacks, more shirts, more duffles, more weed, events, all that shit.”

“We could do a lot of things. We ain’t even put the brains together yet,” Juan said.

Two weed powerhouses combining is something you don’t see often.

“I don’t think as far as in the industry—I say this humbly as I can—I don’t think it can get bigger,” Juan said.

Juan was impressed but not shocked that the backpacks sold out so quickly.

“I thought it was at least going to go to 4 o’clock!” he said. “I’m happy for that. I’m glad that it did everything that we wanted it to do. Dope, bro,” Juan said.

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