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Thursday Drop List – June 25, 2020

Thursday Drop List for June 25, 2020: a list of recent strain releases and fresh drops by favorite brands. Featuring releases by The Fire Society, Cookies, Dr. Greenthumb's, Minntz, Packwoods, Runtz, LAX Packs, and more.

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Thursday Drop List for June 25, 2020: a list of recent strain releases and fresh drops by favorite brands.

The Fire Society – Sourwavez, MACarena

The big surprise drop of the week was Sourwavez x The Fire Society. It’s meme master himself Sourwavez with his first regulated market release. The Fire Society also dropped a fresh batch of MACarena.

Insane – G26

Breal announced “a new strain for the brain” now available. The strain G26 is a collaboration between Green Thumb Farmz and Redline Genetics. Get it at Dr. Greenthumb’s.

Cookies – Berry Pie, Ocean Beach

Cookies have several fresh drops of favorite and new strains. The Ocean Beach strain is made from a cross between LPC x Kush Mints 36. A limited drop of Cookies’ Berry Pie strain was released in Maywood last week. Maywood Cookies also got a “limited drop” of popular strains Gelatti, London Pound Cake 75, Cheetah Piss, and Cereal Milk.

Minntz – Big Apple

Minntz (Cookies x Seed Junky) have just dropped a new batch of the strain Big Apple plus a fresh drop of Lemon Minntz and Otter Pop. Find them at Cookies and Dr. Greenthumb’s.

Packwoods x Runtz Collab

Packwoods‘ bougie pre-rolls announced a drop coming soon of Runtz brand. Available in the strains Runtz, White Runtz, and Pink Runtz, these pre-roll cigars include 2g of flower plus .25g of nug run sauce and .25g of keif. The wrap is tobacco-free, so these aren’t a Backwoods blunt. Includes a glass filter. Comes in a sealed glass tube packed in a box.

Pitaya Strain

The recently launched strain/brand Pitaya has just dropped a second strain, Pitaya Yellow.

Backpack Boyz/5 Points – Black Cherry Gelato, Horchata, Strawberry Gelato, Apple Gelato, Italian Ice

Backpack Boyz & 5 Points recently dropped fresh batches of its most popular strains in Black Cherry Gelato, Horchata, Strawberry Gelato, Apple Gelato, and Italian Ice. Available at Cookies stores.

Jelly Cannabis Co. – TO$ (TOS), Dummiez, Dum Dumz

Jelly Cannabis Co. is bringing the exotic flavors with new drops of TOS, Dummiez, and Dum Dumz.

Gooniez – Oreoz, Gelato Plus, Ape Face

The official Gooniez brand just dropped fresh batches of the strains Oreoz, Gelato Plus, and Ape Face.

Clique Cannabis – Gushers

Clique Cannabis just announced a drop of their own Indica Gushers strain, bread by SOTE Nursery.

Roots – Head Jack

New concentrates brand Roots has appeared with their live resin sugar “created from 100% fresh-frozen sungrown flower.” A fresh drop of the sativa strain Head Jack is now out there. They also offer the strains Kush Berry and Purple Unicorn.

Gas Co. – MAC 2 Nite

Gas Co. of Los Angeles just released their new strain MAC 2 Nite. A cross between Koolato and MAC 1, they’re hyping it as a “#GameChanger.”

Caviar Gold – Snoogans

Caviar Gold in Sacramento just dropped a batch of the strain Snoogans.

Kingpen – Kingroll

Kingpen, best known for mainstream legal vape cartridges, has just launched a line of infused pre-rolls called Kingrolls. They say it’s “1.3g of top shelf flower coated in oil and kief.” They also did a fresh drop of their Kingpen Royale line of live resin vape cartridges.

Runtz – New products

Runtz pre-rolls in singles and packs are now selling at Dr. Greenthumb’s.

LAX Packs – Animal Face, Space Cake, Tommy Shelly, and Sherbcake

LAX Packs in Los Angeles recently announced a fresh drop of the strains Animal Face, Space Cake, Tommy Shelly, and Sherbcake.

Pearl Pharma – Double Cup and Sin Mint Cookies

Pearl Pharma dropped their newest hybrid strain, Double Cup along with a fresh batch of sugar concentrate in the strain Sin Mint Cookies.

2TookFarms – Wakanda

2TookFarms will drop a new version of its Wakanda strain, announced in celebration of Juneteenth. He posted “we have a different pheno now for it…more gassy and tasty…in production now.”

CAM – Dosi Mac, Wedding Cake, Apple Pie, Banana OG

The brand CAM just dropped new strains which are its own versions of Dosi MAC, Wedding Cake, Apple Pie, and Banana OG. They are available at Cookies.

Maqui – Pan Dulce

Maqui released several new strains lately, including Pan Dulce (which is Gelato x Zkittles x Mochi).

Wizard Trees – American Pie and GM3

The guys over at Wizard Trees recently dropped fresh batches of their strains American Pie and GM3.

Zackwoods – Abuelita and Cloutnado

Zackwoods of Los Angeles released two new strains: Abuelita, named after his own; and Cloutnado.

RhiRollz – Limited release pre-rolls

RhiRollz in Los Angeles has been busy lately with limited edition exclusive drops in fresh flavors, including Alien Labs Milky Way, Privileged Exotics Gelato, LA Flavorz Shocktarts, and Wizard Trees Stoney Hash Heads. All are sold out.

Lung Smacker – Candy

The Fat Boy Gang is expanding its Lung Smacker line with the new strain Candy by Issahoney.

CaliPo – SourPo

The myserious CaliPo Arcfarms brand seems to have quietly dropped a released of the strain SourPo in both pre-rolls and concentrates. It’s not clear if this is a Sourwavez collaboration, but that’s possible since Sourwavez has been busy with new drops lately.

Notwoods LA – Lemon Meringue Pie and OhGee

The tobacco-wrapped blunt pre-rolls brand Notwoods has two new strains out in Lemon Meringque Pie and OhGee. The Puro Company is also promising a limited drop of Notwoods in the strains Runtz, Sherb Cake, and Space Age Cake, all by Gas No Brakes.

Beardbro Farms – OG Kush

Beardbro Farms in Los Angeles has a fresh drop of OG Kush in Flower and RSO.

Seven Leaves – Blue Slush

Seven Leaves has an exclusive drop of its Blue Slush strain at the Maywood Cookies.

Jungle Boys/Los Angeles Farmers

Jungle Boys recently dropped several new strains: Sour Apple Killer, Fuji OG (Kurple Fantasy x Larry OG), and Coma.

CMB Exotics

CMB Exotics just announced a new drop of the strain Jealousy.

Weed Without Limits / Lionboldt Farms – Super Chili Verde

A fresh drop of connoisseur brand Weed Without Limits grown by Lionboldt Farms of the strain Chili Verde is probably no longer available, but it’s said to be fire.

Headstash – Granita, Shittlez, Runtz

Headstash brand just dropped new strains in Granita, Sh!ttlez, and Runtz.

Bonus: Broke Box Collection

While not really a drop of weed, the Broke Box Collection is a unique limited drop of merch, which is the result of a collaboration between the Bay area’s Stickerfarmer and Broke Boyz. The collectible box comes with a shirt, hat, beanie, skimask and banker bag, along with stickers, clout coins, bread clips, and original mylar bags.

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